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Meet Brooks Inspiring Coaches Finalists Katie and Bob Jazwinski


Coaches Katie and Bob Jazwinski

Coaches Katie and Bob Jazwinski

High school: Dexter High School in Dexter, Michigan

Number of years coaching: Katie – 8 years, Bob – 15 years

Accomplishments: Eight time conference champions, eight time state qualifiers with an average placing of eighth place

What makes Coaches Katie and Bob Jazwinski so inspiring?
Katie and Bob Jazwinski not only inspire their high school athletes to run, they also inspire their parents and others in the community to join the Dexter Running Club where they coach. As one parent said, “they are so encouraging and supportive. They give so much of their time to our community.” On top of coaching their running club and high school cross country, Katie and Bob run a high school cross country camp that draws over 100 runners and offer opportunities to continue running in the off season. They do everything they need to do to help their athlete’s reach their true potential. As another parent says, “they really push the girls to be the best they can be, not just in running but in life.” In nomination after nomination, we continued to read how Katie and Bob want to make sure their runners have a balanced, healthy life by checking in on how much they are eating and sleeping, and how their school work is going. A great runner herself, Katie recently qualified for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials. This accomplishment was so inspiring to the athletes she coaches, because she leads by example. As one nomination said, “her excitement and passion for running spills over onto the girls making them want to work that much harder to achieve their own goals.”

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