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Brooks ID Member Dressed as Gaga Wins Fremont 5K

Brooks ID Member Rose Wetzel Winning as Lady Gaga

Brooks ID Member Rose Wetzel Winning as Lady Gaga

Congratulations to our Brooks ID member Rose Wetzel for winning the 2011 Fremont 5K & Briefcase Relay. The 27-year-old Seattle native won the annual fundraiser and Seattle classic in a time of 17:53; a blistering pace of 5:37/mile.

Rose not only clocked-in the fastest women’s time, but did it in a Lady Gaga costume. The relay encourages participants to dress in a type of job or professional attire (entertainment, or Lady Gagam, counts) and requires that team members hand off a briefcase filled with canned goods as the official baton. While 5K individual runners like Rose didn’t have to compete in costume, many still do. Rose describes her come-from-behind win below:

The Fremont 5k is Seattle’s best road race by far! The briefcase relay beforehand provides non-stop entertainment as people sprint in awkwardly with briefcases and collared shirts tucked into tiny running shorts. I’ve run the Fremont 5k six out of the last seven years since I returned home to Seattle from college in Washington, D.C. Over the years, my costumes included Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, an 80’s aerobics instructor, A Jason Pollock painting, and Lady Gaga, a few of which I’ve actually won the race in!

This spring’s goals included qualifying for the USA Outdoor Championships in the 5k, but the development of a stress reaction in my foot a few weeks ago put a big damper on that. The Fremont 5k happened to be my first race back and I wasn’t sure how well I’d do (I won it last year in under 17 minutes, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that). So, I figured I’d go all out with a Lady Gaga costume, wig and all, have a good time, and see what happens. After leading the first half of the race for women, I had to stop and tie my shoe! (I love my Green Silences, but I have to remember to always triple-knot the slick laces). The rest of the race, I played catch-up, picking off the five women who passed me, blonde wig flying around like crazy, my hot-pink fish-net covered legs working overtime. At 300 meters to go, I only had one more woman to catch, but my wig starting falling off, so I ripped it off, kept it in my hand, and sprinted past the last woman for the win! Next year, my fiance, Tim Sinnett and I are hosting a mock wedding during the race…I’ll be in a running wedding dress and he’ll be in a tuxedo t-shirt! As much as I love competing seriously on the track and chasing down top-notch goals, road racing in costume reminds me that running can be fun, social, creative, and liberating, just like Lady Gaga. : )

Congratulations again to Lady Gaga, a.k.a Rose Wetzel. For more information on the Fremont 5K and Briefcase Relay, visit www.fremont5k.com.

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