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Meet Brooks Inspiring Coaches Finalist Amy Pitzel

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High school: Taylor High School in Katy, Texas

Number of years coaching: 6 years

Accomplishments: Cross Country Regional Team Qualifier, Two Individual State Qualifiers, 2011 Congress Avenue Mile coach, and board member for the Cross Country Coaches Association (CCCAT)

What makes Amy Pitzel so inspiring?
With 64 Inspiring Coaches nominations, the most of any nominee, it is easy to say that Coach Amy Pitzel (also called Coach P by many of her athletes) is loved by athletes and parents alike. Phrases like “always available to challenge, encourage, and comfort her athletes”, “is totally dedicated”, “leads by example”, and “is the glue that bonds her team like no other” continually come up in her applications.

One story about Amy Pitzel that truly inspired us was her ability to rally and comfort her team after a devastating experience. In the words of one of her former athletes, “Coach P coached our team through the most trying and inspirational season I’ve ever experienced. Three weeks before our District race, a team member collapsed and died at a morning practice due to a hereditary heart defect. Devastated, scared, and shocked – our team spent the rest of the day together trying to get ourselves together enough to get back to class. In the following weeks, Coach P truly stepped up to bring the team together. She worked with the administration to ensure that we could all attend the funeral that was held during a school day. She organized a community wide memorial service at the track – over 300 people attended and walked the memorial lap. She made t-shirts for the team in his memory – I still have mine five years later. All these efforts truly brought our team together following such a difficult loss. We became closer than we’d ever been before, leaning on each other and our coach to finish the season in memory of a wonderful teammate.”

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