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Earth Day Sneak Peek: 4 New Colors for the Green Silence

Hansons-Brooks Green Silence

Hansons-Brooks Green Silence

We launched the Green Silence in 2010 after spending three years researching recycled and sustainable materials, allowing you to make an eco-statement without sacrificing premium performance. The Green Silence is first and foremost a performance racing flat. We just made it as gentle on the earth as you are tough on the competition.

First, some numbers:

50x – BioMoGo midsoles break down 50x faster than the traditional EVA midsole found in most running shoes when placed in an active, enclosed landfill. That means the Green Silence biodegrades in 20 years, while an average shoe might take 1000. These midsoles will save 29.9 million pounds of landfill waste in roughly 20-25 years.

100% – The Green Silence is made using 100% water-based adhesives – which means they’re free of harmful solvents

100% – The Green Silence’s vibrant hues come from 100% non-toxic dyes and colorants that are free of hazardous heavy metals

100% – The shoe’s insole, collar foam, midsole, and sockliner are all 100% biodegradable

100% – The laces, gillies, and webbing are 100% made from recycled water bottles

65% – Due to the use of water-based adhesives and non-toxic dyes, there is a reduction of 65% in the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in the production of the Green Silence

50% – We use a compression molded perform (CMP) method to manufacture the Green Silence’s midsole – resulting in a 50% reduction in material waste

50% – The heel counter of each shoe is 50% made up of recycled compact discs

30% – The rubber outsole is 30% recycled

30% – Fewer component pieces means that 30% less energy is required to produce each pair of Green Silence

All of these small changes add up! And don’t just take our word for it – the Green Silence has been praised by The Daily Green, The Kind Life, and the NY Times “Green Inc.” blog to name a few.

The original unisex Hansons-Brooks color (Black / Maize / Roxy Red) was joined by new men’s (Black / Kelly Green) and women’s (Black / Turquoise) last fall. We’re launching 4 new colors in June 2011:

Men's in Blue Jewel / NightLife


Women's in Hollyhock / Sulphur Springs


Men's in Crown Blue / Rio Red


Women's in Vista Blue / Dark Denim


To learn more about our environmental efforts, including BioMoGo, our shoe boxes, and our CMP Midsole, please visit our Green Room.

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  1. Lynn Cornberg

    I wore the Silence to coach basketball practice the other night. I was a player short and joined a continuous 5 on 5 drill. I play well over an hour and 15 minutes. Shocked to find out what a GREAT BASKETBALL shoe this is. My feet have never enjoyed the change of speed and change of direction in b-ball as much as in my Silence. Had no idea the Silence would be such an incredible court shoe! Shocking, really!

  2. Dylan

    This might be a little selfish, but could you start making these shoes in wide?? I would love to be able to get a pair.

  3. matt

    Until today I had mixed feelings about these shoes. I was always having issues with the laces and getting the fit consistently right for my feet. Today I used the thinnest socks and laced them very tight, and did a 20 miler in the in the rain – they were totally awesome! and these were the older Red/Yellow pair I have, also have the Black/Green which i’ve been using for races. Very good shoe if you get the fit to work for you. I was willing to give them a try and stick with them based on the conservation principles of the shoe alone, but, its also a good all around minimal trainer and racer if you are so inclined. And those are the best shoes – multipurpose! Looking forward to the new colors too!

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