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Q & A with Desi Davila

We had a chance to ask Hansons-Brooks marathoner Desiree Davila questions about her race prep, her inspiration, her music, and more.

Brooks: What will you have for breakfast race day morning?

Desi: Oatmeal, bagel w/peanut butter, and some coffee.

B: What is on your iPod right now? Do you have any songs you listen to pre race to get ready to run?

D: My iPod is in need of a serious update –
My “Go To” artists would be — Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams, Saves the Day, Jawbreaker, and The Roots.

Current Guilty Pleasure album – The Bird and The Bee – A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates. Please don’t judge me…

Pre race song– Muddy Waters – I’m Ready. He’s not talking about running, but I like to pretend he is.

And Kid Rock – Born Free, for the Michigan roots.

B: What are your pre-race rituals?

D: My pre-race routine is pretty standard –- breakfast early, double check all your gear, easy jog to warm up, double knot the T7s and go. No rituals, I’ve never sacrificed a toad or anything before a race. I’m pretty laid back about my approach.

B: Do you have a good luck charm? Or do you carry anything with you when you run?

D: Just Ryan Linden, but I can’t carry him with me, he’s too big!!!

B: What is in your water bottle?

D: Gatorade Endurance – lemon lime flavor for the first 5 bottles, at the 30k mark on, I’ll have the famous Gatorade/Red Bull combination used by Clint Verran and Brian Sell. A little caffeine later in the race can go a long way.

B: Who will be in Boston cheering you on?

D: My sister and her fiancé, some old teammates that I ran with at Arizona State, and some current Hansons teammates who are making the trip out. Just look for the really rowdy fans, that’s them.

B: What is the first thing you will do after you cross the finish line?

D: Hopefully not puke, like after Chicago. I will be anxiously awaiting the men’s results; Zach Hine is ready to run a stellar debut.

B: What will you eat for your post-race celebration dinner?

D: A juicy burger, with some bacon in there, and a nice beer to wash it down

B: Who was your running inspiration growing up?

D: That would probably have to be Monique Henderson, total stud. We’re the same age and on the same track team. It was really impressive to watch her dominate the 400m from middle school on up, to get to see the work she put in, and how she did everything right. Then Deena Kastor won the bronze in Athens and I switched bandwagons …

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  1. suefromyourpaceormine

    Wow go Desiree! I’m from Rochester Hills and have had the honor and privilege to see Desiree and the Brooks/Hanson team train. All of us slow, want to be runners will be glued to the TV at 10a to see our gal take the victory she is ready for. Chicago was brutal last year (yes I was a little less than 2 hours behind Desiree) and if she runs that fantastic in Boston, she’s sure to come out a star.
    Rooting for you at home,


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