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Meet the Brooks Team: Melody Roberts

Melody recently won our Run Happy Award for being the biggest cheerleader for the brand. Her amazing, infectious energy never fails to make all of us smile. She’ll take on any task no matter how big, small, complicated, or self-deprecating… as long as it brings happiness to others. She dresses head to toe in Brooks and Moving Comfort apparel EVERY DAY… and bleeds Brooks blue through and through.

Name: Melody Roberts

Job: Retail Store Manager

Currently running in, and why: Switch 4– cuz I LOVE it. Also wear testing the Trance 11 (it’s a great ride)

Brooks Switch 4

Brooks Switch 4

Favorite apparel, and why: What’s not to love? Utopia for winter – it is all beautiful, Equilibrium LS and Infinity 1/2 Zip are great for layering,

Infiniti 1/2 Zip

Infiniti 1/2 Zip

Infiniti Capris are comfy to run in,

Brooks Infiniti Capri

Brooks Infiniti Capri

LOVE skorts for warmer weather and travel — our shorts don’t ride up. EZ Tees, both long sleeve

Brooks EZ Versatile Long Sleeve

Brooks EZ Versatile Long Sleeve

and short sleeve – yummy and not just for running.

Currently training for: LIFE

What you do when you’re not running: Hang out with the family – shop with my daughter, watch my son wrestle

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon or 5k

Favorite place to run: Hawaii

Favorite running memory: The one thing I think about EVERY time I run on the Burke Gilman Trail is the time I was running along enjoying my time outside and a huge Canada Goose started chasing me, its wings pulled back, hissing – it scared the snot out of me. All I could think of was the next day’s headline: “Local Woman Killed by Rogue Goose”.

Race – or place – you dream about running: Australia – we have an Outlet there…

Running strategy: Get up early, eat a bagel and cream cheese and just go.

What makes you Run Happy? Love to run early in the morning when it is slightly brisk with all my Brooks gear and my trusty iPod

Favorite running music: Anything fast paced with a great beat (I listen to a lot of my kids’ music)

Favorite TV Show: Don’t watch a lot of TV but my daughter and I have Glee nights

Favorite team: Bothell Outlet Team

Favorite movie: Bambi Meets Godzilla (about 1 minute long – don’t like to sit for that long)

Favorite book: I read A LOT – fave Authors: Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey, J.A. Jance, Janet Evanovich

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I'm a runner, writer, and traveler who loves running half marathons. I live in Seattle with my much faster husband and two rescue cats. I also have an inexplicable affection for otters.
  1. HarmomyLA

    I love those capris – so cute! I think I’ll have to get some! (: I like that you said you’re “traing for LIFE” – that’s a great way to think about it because when you’re in shape, you’re prepared for anything! I also love a good bagel and cream cheese before a morning run – what a great way to start the day! PS. Great video! haha (:

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