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Brooks Employee Awards

At our annual meeting in January, several Brooks and Moving Comfort employees were honored with awards. Each winner received a standing ovation, a custom medal (we are a running company, after all…), and one of those fantastic oversized checks. Please join me in congratulating all of our winners… and watch for profiles of all of them in the weeks to come!

Run Happy Award: Melody Roberts
The Run Happy Award is given to the Energy Giver with infectious energy and smiles. This enthusiastic employee always looks for the positive and seeks solutions to problems. Everyone wants this employee on their team. The biggest cheerleader for the brand, this individual inspires an active lifestyle and personifies Brooks’ Run Happy spirit.

Launch Award: Nikki D’Amico
The Launch Award is given to the Rookie of the Year — someone who came to Brooks within the last year and made an instant impact. This employee was off and running, contributing and making a positive difference for the company and the brand from the start. Launch is the name of a competition shoe we introduced in 2009. Like this rookie employee’s off-the-blocks contributions, the Launch created instant impact and gave the Brooks brand a powerful burst of forward movement.

Green Award: Stacey Gamble
The Green Award is given to the Sustainability Seeker who incorporates eco-friendlier practices into their daily life, both at work and at home. This employee thinks proactively about ways to reduce environmental impact and inspires others to do the same. Brooks supports runners for the long haul, and this person is doing their part to support the environment for the long haul.

DC Award: Terry “T” DeArman
The DC Award is given to the Dedicated Contributor from the distribution center who constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty to benefit customers, fellow employees, and the business. Never compromising work performance excellence, this person contributes actions and/or ideas for more productive operations. A total team player, this individual consistently exhibits a positive attitude and unwavering work ethic. The distribution center is a better place because of this award winner.

Revelation Award: Eric Rohr
The Revelation Award is given to the Innovator who thinks outside the box. This employee comes up with the BIG ideas to elevate Brooks above the competition and bring the brand to the next level. “Revelation” is the name of an apparel collection, and the word is defined as “an enlightening or astonishing realization” or “divine disclosure.” This person’s ideas and innovations can be thought of as revelations.

GTS Award: Patricia Goodspeed
The GTS Award is given to the Unsung Hero who models the can-do, service excellence ethic that Brooks is built on. This employee is results focused, self-sacrificing, respectful, and a total team player at all times. Critical to Brooks’ success, this person delivers time and time again, but is often behind the scenes and rarely gets the glory. GTS stands for “go-to shoe”. This award is for the go-to employee. The Adrenaline GTS is a star product, and this person is a star employee.

MC Fit & Powerful Award: Julie Hasson
The MC Fit & Powerful Award is given to the Moving Comfort MVP of the year who continually looks for ways to cultivate the brand, strengthen communication, lend a hand, and bring spirit to the team. Fit and Powerful women possess strength, intuition, inspiration, knowledge, vision, and light.

Chariot Award: Nathan Viakun
The Chariot Award is given to the Brooks MVP of the year — the brand builder. This is the biggest award for the employee whose performance has had a significant impact on our brand. The Chariot shoe has a legendary, iconic status among employees and long-time brooks fans. The award winner’s contributions could also be called legendary.

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