Nov | 15
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Reflective Running Gear for Nighttime Runs

If you’re like us, and live in a northern city, the end of Daylight Saving Time means that it gets dark awfully early. But these short days and long nights shouldn’t force you to cut your runs short.

We want you to be safe, and a big part of being safe is being visible. Our NightLife collection is designed to enhance nighttime visibility while keeping you comfortable.

You’ve probably seen our “classic” colors – black and NightLife yellow – it’s hard to miss! This year we’ve introduced a second color – Brite Green – that’s just as eye-catching. The collection includes weather-resistant, breathable, retroreflective jackets; comfortable, lightweight baselayers; shorts, capris, and tights; as well as accessories such as hats and gloves.

My personal favorites are the Infiniti Capri in black/brite green, and the Essential Run Vest in brite green/brite white. The tights are soft and comfy, while the vest is super lightweight but wind-resistant to keep me warm and dry.

Don’t be afraid of the dark – stay safe, and Run Happy!

About Sunny
I'm a runner, writer, and traveler who loves running half marathons. I live in Seattle with my much faster husband and two rescue cats. I also have an inexplicable affection for otters.
  1. karlrysted

    One of the things I’ve really enjoyed the last few years about being a Brooks ID member is how it’s helped me build my running apparel collection! My NightLife yellow socks were one of the first items I bought and they’re still one of my favorites. I won the matching jacket in a fun little contest on this site. My Brite Green Glycerins that I wear-tested are my newest addition. I just won a mile race in them, so they’re lucky too!

    I like being safe and comfortable, and my wife really appreciates the safety factor because I run at all kinds of crazy times!

  2. April

    Love, love, love the new black/brite green collection. After a recent close call with a truck I decided to invest in some good reflective gear. I purchased the Nightlife jacket and Infiniti tights. I was not disappointed!

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