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The new Adrenaline GTS – “these go to eleven”

We know you loved the Adrenaline GTS 10. You loved the balance of stability and cushion. Runner’s World gave it their Best Update award back in December 2009. It’s easily our most popular shoe.

Enter the GTS 11. We’ve kept the shoe’s revered fit and feel – enhanced with a dynamic arch saddle and better conforming materials. And we’ve improved the ride with the adaptive cushioning and dynamic responsiveness of Brooks DNA technology. We think you’re going to love this shoe even more.

Of course, no one shoe is right for everyone – so we encourage you visit a specialty running store or check out our shoe advisor to help you find the best shoe for you.

Oh, and before you ask, of course there’s an all-black colorway. It’s like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

> See the women’s Adrenaline GTS 11
> See the men’s Adrenaline GTS 11
> Read the GTS 11 Spec Sheet
> Check out our shoe advisor
> Find a Brooks dealer near you

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  1. Sam

    As a 5th-year Brooks Adrenaline user, I will definitely be getting the 11s when my 10s wear out, but the last paragraph particularly reaffirmed why I love this company. Plenty of people can make a “these go to eleven” joke, but you all go the extra mile. Thanks for keeping me entertained while your shoes keep me healthy. (Wow, that last line is really cheesy)

  2. Meredith

    As a long time user of Brooks Adrenaline, I was mighty disappointed in the new shoe. They no longer fit my foot!
    I’ve been running in the Adrenaline for at least 6 years now, went to the store to grab a new pair, and luckily tried them on before leaving. the arch is either much higher or in a completely new place.
    I’m sure the new features are great, but I hate it when they fundamentally change the way a shoe fits.
    Time to start shopping for a new running shoe.

  3. Laura Cartier

    I am a loyal Adrenaline wearer, at least 6 years and counting. I love this shoe, but I hated how the tongue always drooped to the side. After a while I gave up and learned to live with it, because the rest of the shoe to me was great. No longer, I just purchased the new GTS 11, with the new lace loop on the tongue, everything stays right where it belongs, no more droopy tongue. Genius, whoever thought that one up! Well done Brooks!

  4. Michele

    I wish Brooks would consider making additional colors available to wide and extra wide with runners. I’d like me some black shoes, but alas, it is not to be.

  5. Sunny Delaney

    @Michele – since the standard width for men is “D”, a men’s “standard” shoe is actually a women’s “wide” — you may be able to size down 1.5 sizes and wear the men’s GTS 11. Which of course, comes in black. 🙂

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