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Marine Corps Marathon: 10 Days and Counting

Marine Corps Marathon

You’ve trained through the hottest June on record in D.C. The record-tying July. And a hot August and September. You’ve put in your miles. Perhaps you’ve battled injury. You’ve almost certainly battled fatigue.

But now your goal is in sight — it’s only 10 days till the Marine Corps Marathon! Brooks wants to treat you like a VIP on race day and help you celebrate your achievement.

We’re bringing our VIP Porta-Potty to the MCM this year. To get your race off to the best possible start, we’ll have comfortable, climate-controlled restroom trailers set up at the starting line. Running water, flushing toilets, and some Run Happy® surprises await — and it’s easy to get your VIP pass.

When you’re at the MCM Health and Fitness Expo by GE, make sure and experience “BRASH”, where we’ll be offering FREE gait analysis by expert Brooks Gurus, FREE doctor consultations, prizes, and more. The Brooks MCM store is your one-stop shop for Official Marine Corps Marathon merchandise, technical running apparel, and cool souvenirs. Be sure to check out the finisher shirt after the race at the official MCM Finisher Store.

> Learn more about Brooks at the MCM

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  1. kate tate

    hi – where will the brooks mcm finisher store be located after the race? you bet i wanna get me a brooks finisher shirt! 🙂
    kate tate

  2. Crystal

    I fell in love with the women’s red MCM jacket at the expo, but they had sold out of every size other than small. Will there be any more of those jackets released for purchase. I am stoked I finished, but a little jealous of those that were able to purchase the jacket or were blessed enough to fit into the small.

  3. Sheryl

    I was extremely disappointed in the Brooks VIP Porta-Potty “deal” this year. I PURPOSELY threw in an extra beanie right before I got in line at the expo at 10:15A on Saturday to bring my total over $150- which, according to the Brooks MCM site would entitle me to a sticker to use the VIP port-os. Well, when my total reached $168 I asked for the sticker and was told they ran out. The volunteer cashier was very nice, but couldnt help and there was no Brooks rep around to explain the poor planning and under-estimation on Brooks part. I have seen this “offer” at other races and now wonder how much of this is a pure marketing ploy to have people spend more moeny on Brooks merchandise only to tell us “tough luck” once we spend it. From now on, I will just keep the free race shirt and th $150 in my pocket (including the RNR marathons Brooks sponsors). Very Poor.

  4. Anne McCarthy

    I too am desperate for the MCM women’s red jacket, but they had sold out so quickly. Will there be any way to purchase a medium jacket now?

  5. Chris

    I’ve seen MCM finisher shirts in past years, that look exactly the same as the competitor shirts we get in our goodie bags. This was my second time finishing this race, and I would really like to buy a finisher shirt. Where can I get one?

  6. Anna

    I too would like the MCM finisher shirt. I did not realize there was a store at the end or I would have bought it right then but the finish seemed to be very crazy. Where can we buy it. Also I bought an ornament and never looked in the box. The box was EMPTY. Do you have any more ornaments?

  7. Sunny Delaney

    Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know that the few remaining MCM 2010 items have gone up for sale on BrooksRunning.com. (Search for “MCM” and you’ll see what’s available.) We have sold out of nearly everything, so there’s a very limited selection and very limited sizes, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. Unfortunately, we completely sold out of the women’s jackets.

    Anna – I’ve sent you an email regarding the ornament – we can help you out!

  8. Michael Robitaille

    Do you have any previous years MCM merchandise. Last year there seemed to be a website with older stuff and I cannot find anything this year. I would like to purchase a 2009 coat as mine was taken by someone this past year. Thank you

  9. Amy

    MCM 2014 – I would like to buy a MENS jacket (the blue/turquoise)
    , full zip – with neon stripes in a S or M – I can’t seem to locate them anywhere online… any suggestions?

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