Sep | 27

Monday inspiration: Ben’s Journey

This video made the rounds of our office last week. I know a lot of you will have already seen this, but this inspirational video is definitely worth sharing. Ben’s transformation is amazing, and he truly embodies the spirit of “Run Happy”. Isn’t it great that running can bring such joy?

Congratulations, Ben, on your great progress. Keep up the good work!

> Ben’s blog, “Ben Does Life”

About Sunny
I'm a runner, writer, and traveler who loves running half marathons. I live in Seattle with my much faster husband and two rescue cats. I also have an inexplicable affection for otters.
  • Michael Ayer

    Congratlations on such a great journey. Seeing your struggle and eventual triumph brought a smile to my face and reaffirms in me that anyone can do anything as long as they try. Contratulations again!!!

  • Meredith

    Ben’s story is amazing. Way to go, Ben!

  • Sand Sock Girl

    Job well done.. Your story was so inspiring! I am so amazed with how you deal with your life. Happy running!

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