Oct | 26
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RW’s Amby Burfoot Blogs: “Let Us Now Praise Brian Sell”

"I hope runners and running fans across the country will join me this SellFuManchu week in a long, loud salute to Brian Sell. Few American distance stars deserve it more. Ritz and Teg and Meb and Abdi and Alan and Ryan have lifted our spirits in recent years, and we needed that.

"But Sell punched us in the gut, took our breath away, and won our hearts when he achieved the Impossible Dream. In the decades to come, his story will be told, as it should be, to more young American runners than any number of sub-3:50s, sub-13:00s, and 2:06s. For this simple reason: Sell had to scrape his way to the top mile by teeth-gritting mile. You think he’s got an Alter-G in the basement? An altitude tent upstairs? Maybe, but I doubt it."

>>Read Amby Burfoot’s full post on Runner’s World here


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