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Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10 vs. Trance™ 9: What’s the difference?

One of the questions we frequently get asked is: What’s the real difference between the Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10 (the newest version of our best-selling Go To Shoe) and our other shoe in the support category, the Trance 9 ?

Someone who wears the Adrenaline™ GTS 10 could also wear the Trance 9 , as they provide support for the same type of runner: the moderate overpronator. With that said, there are a few key differences between these shoes:

– One of the biggest difference is the fit. The Adrenaline™ GTS 10 has its signature "midfoot wrap." (“Midfoot wrap” is how the upper of the shoe conforms to the middle of the foot. Not just the arch, but also the side of the foot. With a snug midfoot wrap you get a shoe that feels “at one” with the foot.) In comparison, the Trance 9 can feel like it has a roomier, wider toe box.

– The Trance™ 9 provides much more cush in both the heel and the forefoot by using our biggest HydroFlow® XL pad.

– The materials in the upper of the Trance™ are top-of-the-line premium plush and softer, which adds to the cost.

  1. hartley

    There is another difference between the Adrenaline and the Trance.

    Men with narrow feet [B], like myself, can only wear the Adrenaline. Too bad Brooks doesn’t make more of its models [read Cascadia] in the narrow width. I might be more interested in making a purchase.

    Good products. Good company. Expand the good work.


  2. JB

    Hartley suggests that only narrow feet fit the Adrenaline – I disagree – being a 2E the Trance is comfy but too narrow in the heel pocket and only comes in D width (in USA?) – the Adrenaline is my go to but really really wish the Trance would come in a 2E with the Adrenaline heel pocket.

    So…narrow – try the Trance – wide – Adrenaline, baby.

  3. hartley

    Actually, what I am trying to say is that Brooks needs to make more widths in all their shoes. I have a narrow foot and must wear a B width. That doesn’t give me many choices in the Brooks line or any other shoe line.

    Even when shoe companies create narrower fitting D widths it is still to wide for me. I can remember as a kid wearing two pairs of socks when playing basketball and tennis because the standard D width was too wide.


  4. Kam K

    I have been wearing the Adrenaline series for 3 models. the Adrenaline 6,7 and 8, and have found them more than perfect for the wide foot. It is my shoe of choice. Based on Price, comfort, overall use and function, this shoe is a 10 for me. I have orthotics also, and it fits better than any shoe I have tried. I have seen narrow and wide with availableo, so I am confused as to why people have said it does not come in wide.
    Keep up the great work Brooks, you are moving in the right direction!

  5. K. Murphy

    I just started running, i previously owned a pair of asics and loved them but last go around i was fitted in the brooks adrenaline 10 and absolutely love them i have yet to try the trance but i am really picky about how shoes fit. i like that already broke in feel that the asics 2100 series and the brooks adrenaline 10 give.

  6. Alan

    In the past 4 years ive run on Mizuno Wave Nirvana, Adrenaline GTS 7’s and my last pair was a the Trance 8. I have found that the Wave Nirvana and Adrenaline are no match for the Trance. I found the Trance had better bounce, comfort (I’ve got a wide foot) and durability. I am about to hang up my Trance 8’s after 2 marathons, 1 off road 36k, 3 half marathons and all the training that goes with it. I’ll be buying Trance again.
    However remember that shoe preference is down to the individual.

  7. Dan

    Anyone with flat feet + orthotics knows that finding the right shoe can be a challenge – I was a high school XC runner turned marathoner, and I have never been comfortable in my shoes + orthotics until I found the Adrenaline GTS 8. Best shoe I have ever run in – hoping the 10’s are just as good!

  8. Beth

    I hate the 10’s, brooks goofed up on the adrenaline on this one. it pinches my toes and goes to a taper that is too tight up front. my toes have never gone numb in the adrenaline until the 10’s. i wear orthotics too.

  9. Nancy

    I have a large foot–have been in Men’s Trace size 9.5 d width–recently wnet to running store they tried to fir me into womens trance 9 size 11. They still do not fit correctly. Why do Womens shoes jump from 11 to 12? No 11 1/2?

  10. jim k.

    I just ran the Trance 9’s for the first time tonight and I still have two other pair of 8’s (close out sale hollabird 70 bucks a piece)that still need about 300 miles each. I will find it very difficult to run in those now that I have run the 9’s. I was going to wait but I couldn’t. I can’t believe how much better the 9’s are. unreal

  11. Taylor

    I’ve been running in the Trance for several years now and love them! I recently switched to the Adrenaline because I don’t like the colors of the women’s newer Trance. BIG MISTAKE!! I hate hate HATE running in the Adrenaline. They are so uncomfortable to run in and, ironically, actually give me shin splints! Bottom line, stick with the Trance.

  12. Jessie

    I’ve bought about 5 pairs of Adrenaline 7s, completely missing the 8 and 9 because my store (fleet feet sports) never carried the newer models. I just bought the 10s on closeout at a race expo, and so far love them. Cushioning in my toes, and a snug, supportive fit. It would be difficult to try another shoe, no matter what rav reviews the Trance gets.

  13. Matt

    My last five pairs of running shoes have been Adrenaline 7,8,8,9,10. Have to agree with Beth, they made a change to the 10’s and now the same size shoe makes my toes go numb and tweaks both the small and big toe. Sucks to have to find another running shoe. Wish I had a fresh pair of the 8’s again. Oh well.

  14. Ivan

    After running in the Adrenaline’s for the past six years, the salesman in the store recommended that I try the Trance 9. So, I bought a pair, and ran in them for the first time today. I am so pleased with the Trance, as they are so comfortable, and the cushioning is incredible. Maybe it was partly due to the fact that my old Adrenaline’s were past their used by date, but I felt like I was floating running in the Trances. So much so, that I had lots of energy left after my 6km run, and I did it in a fairly quick time, according to my standards!

  15. tim

    Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:
    How long before my feet go numb?
    Is it consistently the same time? (around 20 mins etc).
    Have I increased my mileage?

    The Adrenaline 10 runs about a half size smaller than the Adrenaline 9. That may be one reason your feet are going numb. And since it tweaks your toe I am assuming it’s the length. When working out, running, walking a lot of blood rushes down to our feet and our feet swell so you want to make sure you have plenty of room for that. Also, it seems as we get older our arches flatten out which lengthens the foot. I suggest finding a specialty running store in your area and taking your Brooks in with you. Tell them your goals (mileage you are doing and the goal you want to accomplish) then Slide your Brooks on and have them check the width and length. They should be able to help you out. Good luck!

    I’m just a shoe geek, runner, and internet browser.

  16. Don

    My fist running shoe was a brooks Adrenaline 6 and loved it I still use it to mow my lawn. The 7 was just as nice and tne reason for buying both was the wider toe box. I’m a 14 2E and it is hard to find shoe that feels right. I also run in the asics 2130 and evolution 4 but always came back to my Adrenalines. I just bought a pair Adrenaline 10’s after waiting a week for them to come in (as thay are never in stock)I ran in them once and wore them around town and they a to small. Why would they narrow and shorten a shoe after 9 generations of loyal customers.
    I hate this new shoe. I can’t wait for the store to open so I can return them. Now do I spend a little more money and wait a week for the Trace hopeing it is a true Brooks 14 2E.

  17. Mel

    I’ve just been recommended the Brooks GTS 10 by my podiatrist due to the damage I did to my right foot, when a Rebel Sports employee sold me running shoes for neutral feet. I suggest that if you have other than neutral feet, its good to get a recommendation by a professional, as regardless of the brand and how good the reviews are, if its the wrong type for your foot you can really do some damage. Nether-the-less, I am going to try the Brooks GTS 10 Adrenaline as recommened for my very high arched feet which tend to roll out instead of in. I’ll let you all know how I go…cheers

  18. Mike

    I have been running on the Brooks adrenaline GTS 6,7,8 and 9 using 3 pair of shoes a year as I make a lot of mileage. Just bought a pair of GTS 10 which appear to be much smaller at the front end and make my toes hurt. Since GTS 9 series are no longer availabe, according to the store where I bought them ‘De Harloopwinkel’here in The Netherlands I will return them and seek another brand of shoes. Too bad, because I found the Brooks great over the last couple of years.

  19. Trisha B

    Not too many women posting but I agree with the above mentioned. The trance 9 gives no choices for width so I have no option but the men’s line. Wish brooks would make all models in different widths so the fit would be standard across the board.

  20. Carlos

    I was running with the Asics 2000 series for about 3 years. Over the summer I was fitted in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. I trained for and ran a half marathon with them. I wasn’t really happy with them from the beginning, but they did the job. First problem was my left foots plantar would get stiff. Then after 150+ miles the anterior left side of my calf was getting tight. I expected to run 300 miles in these, but felt the shoes were causing issues. I went to my running store and the sales person said I should have another month or 2 left. I wasn’t happy that I’d have to run that much longer in these and I’m doing the Disney half next week. So I had him fit me with something new. I didn’t like the new GTS 11 he gave me, so he fit me in the Trance 9. I felt a big difference. I try to run with a mid to forefoot strike, so I felt the extra cushioning in the front help. I was able to do a 15 miler the next day (my longest run to date) with so much ease and minimal soreness afterward.

  21. Brian

    I just purchased a pair of Trance 9’s on closeout and pray there’s a big difference between them and the Adrenaline 10’s! I purchased the Adrenaline 10 when they first came out early in 2010. I was NOT that impressed. The fit was fine but there was just too little cushion in the heel for me. I bought a pair of Adrenaline 9’s on closeout later in the year and found them much more to my liking. I know that many people didn’t like the Adrenaline 9’s and that Brooks was supposed to be “fixing” the problem with the 10, so I didn’t really look forward to the Adrenaline 11. That said, I enjoy any of the aformentioned models much more than the Asics 2100 series. I have to say the 2150 made my foot miserable. That being the case, I decided to once again try to find my perfect shoe w/ Brooks.

  22. Adrenaline 5,7,8,10,11 runner

    I personally don’t know how people can say the Adrenaline 9 was better than the 10. The 9 is too wide, feels like it was built for a heavy person. A lighter runner with narrow feet, I felt the 10 was the perfect shoe. The 11’s will hopefully be as good.

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