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Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10: Inside Scoop for Shoe Geeks

Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10

Woo Hoo! The Adrenaline™ GTS 10, the much-anticipated tenth edition of our best-selling Adrenaline™ running shoe, is here! (See Men’s /Women’s .)

Brooks has diligently worked to evolve the Adrenaline™ line to maintain its signature fit and function runners have come to know and love, while still finding ways to exceed their expectations. In the Adrenaline™ GTS 10, we feel we’ve nailed it. Here’s a quick overview of how it compares to the Adrenaline™ GTS 9.

Improved :
1. Enhanced upper materials and construction to provide maximum comfort and breathability, while maintaining a conforming fit.
2. Asymmetrical upper overlays to create a more secure arch capture.
3. Increased heel bevel to create a smoother transition, a softer lay down, and slower rate of pronation.
4. Caterpillar heel pad;  A more segmented crash pad that customizes the individual’s lay down for the right amount of cushion and stabilization, resulting in a perfect ride for every stride.

Maintained :
1. Signature PDRB® triple-density post on the medial side of the shoe for industry-leading stability.
2. HydroFlow® cushioning in the forefoot and heel.
3. Iconic Adrenaline™ last and shape.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s especially good-looking? We hope you love the new Adrenaline™ GTS 10! We think it will definitely help stability-seeking runners and Adrenaline™ fans Run Happy®!

>>See the full spec sheet here .

Special thanks to Footwear Product Line Manager Carson Caprara for crafting this comparison!

  1. Vince

    I agree, the 8 was goodo to go. The 9 felt like a rock. The lass was good but overall midsole foam and transition was ALOT more firm and stabil. I tried the 10 earlier this year and was a big improvement. Brooks got back on track with the 10 I thought. I will be definitey picking up another pair of GTS10’s when I return from overseas.

  2. Nick

    I loved the GTS7. It was a thinner profile than the 8. I bought multiple pairs when they went on clearance. The 8 felt good but was just so much wider. Didn’t get the 9 bast on soem reviews, but looking forward to the 10.

    Any chance to remake a version of the 7?

  3. Brien Clark

    Loved my 7s and my 8s, the 9 not so much. Looking forward to the 10, just wish you would offer some variety in color choices. Getting a little tired of the silver/blue combo.

  4. ali gjo

    I agree with the other critics, the 7 lured me in, the 8 was great and the 9, well let’s put it this way, I’m not sad to see it go! I tried on the 10 in my normal size and actually had to size up half a size, I think it runs shorter than previous models but other than that it felt great from first time I tried it on. I’ll be buying at least 3 pairs so I have them before they change models on me again. Also, I agree that some new more exciting colors are definitely needed, esp. in the wide (D) fit!

  5. Guillemo Pena

    Have run in GTS 6 & 7 and like others – bought several sevens when the 8 came out, so this is the first GTS since 7.
    Does seem to run 1/2 smaller than the previous models.
    Great feel right from the start.
    Let’s see how they hold up.
    Good job Brooks.
    And the looks are clean and classic.
    Don’t change what is not broken.

  6. JJ

    Gotta say my 7’s were my favorite, though I liked the 8’s. They had a completely different feel but in a good way. This might sound bad to some of you but, personally, I had no problem with the 9’s. Granted the others were nicer but the 9’s were fine. Haven’t had a need to get the 10’s yet but they look nice! They remind me of the 7’s.

  7. Jeffrey Holliday

    I have owned four pairs of GTS 8’s. The first pair of 8’s I had was the last style before Brooks changed it. I did like that style, however the newest 8 in my opinion is the best of that style. I see that a lot of people are knocking the GTS 9’s. I bought a pair about 90 miles ago. 13.1 of those miles is from a half marathon that placed 2nd in. I have nothing bad to say about the 9’s. I’ve noticed that I have more toe room and yes it is a bit stiffer. The new 10’s are calling my name, but it isn’t because I don’t like the 9’s. Brooks had me at hello and I told Nike, New Balance, Asics and whoever else that I was done with them. Brooks or barefooted.

  8. JDeezy

    I have owned 21 pairs of Adrenaline GTS from the 6s on. Seeing lots of posts that the 9s were not so good, but I love mine and I have 4 pair. I hope the 10s come in multiple colors like the previous models have because it helps me remember my rotation so they last longer. Love the Adrenaline… Just love them. I hope Brooks stays with them forever!

  9. Lori S

    I too prefer the 7’s. I do not care for the 9’s and was looking forward to the 10’s. Not so happy with the 10’s – they hurt my arch. It feels like there is something pushing my arch higher. I wish the 7’s would come back.

  10. Dave Utley

    I wear the 8’s, which is a great shoe that has given me no problems for many miles – best I’ve had yet. Might dabble with the 10’s if I can remove the 8’s from my feet.

  11. Monica

    I had one pair of 6’s, loved them, then about 4 7’s, and I thought I hit a gold-mine. Somehow I skipped out on the 8th generation entirely, but got 9’s with a lot of excitement.

    They made me stop running because I got shin splints from the week I bought them March-ish) until… well, they lasted forever. I just started running again this week and I have shin problems again. They also didn’t help at all with my knee problem. I’ve only had one pair because I cannot run in my 9’s.

    Just like most of the commenters, I wish they’d just remake the amazing amazing sevens again!!!

  12. Gordon

    Initially loved the fit and ride of the GTS9 so I bought a second pair. Formerly an Equalon/Kayano wearer. After a couple months had a fit problem acquired from lacing the shoe too securely across the top of the arch. The top of my foot and side were irritated to the point where I was unable to comfortably wear either pair of shoes. GTS9’s seem to fit narrow across the top and side of the foot and lacing too tightly can obviously cause injury problems.
    Was enthused about the shoe prior to my injury, am looking forward to trying the 10’s.

  13. CharlieH

    Adrenaline has been my shoe since it was introduced. Have run in EVERY version, and the only one I felt was not so good was the Adrenaline 5 – WAY to soft. I have had NO complaints since then. The 10 feels a tad softer than the 9, but I have 9’s in every color (the black is my dress shoe…) and love running in them. The 10’s are going to be just great, too. Wonderful job, Brooks!

  14. Paul

    I just bought the 10’s and decided to go with the 2E’s to cover the tighter toe box issue. I took them out for a 4 mile spin tonight after running a 1/2 Mary in the 9’s yesterday and I am impressed.

    They are lighter, breath better, and have a bit more plush ride than the 9’s. I don’t have any experience with the Adrenaline before the 9’s but I think the 10’s are going to be a step up. Check out the wides if the toe box feels a bit cramped.

  15. texasrunner

    I loved all my 6,7,8,9s. I’m just looking forward to when i can add the 10s to my collection. They just keep getting better and better. I just wish Brooks made a waffle that can hold up. My last pair ended up with a hole at the end of one season.

  16. BobG

    I loved my GTS 9’s. I just got my 10’s and noticed some discomfort under the ball of each foot. Was the forefoot cusioning changed on the 10’s. Also, loved the silver and red of the 9’s if you could include that color again.

  17. John

    It seems the adrenaline goes with the trend of making things softer and wider. I started with the GTS6 (with a standard width), which was a great shoe. After migrating to the GTS8, I had to take a the smallest width to get the same feel but it was a great shoe on which I did complete my first marathon without injuries.
    Up till now, I encountered only problems with the GTS9. The smallest width feels wider than the smallest GTS8. I am not sure this is really true or it feels this way by removing a lot of support stitch/ material on the upper work. Just compare the GTS9 with the GTS6/GTS8 and you notice the new upper work which is soft and does not give any support. Also the shoe lacing has changed. When looking at the GTS 10, this trend seems to continue. Where is a stiff heel support? I hope to get my GTS 9 issues solved by changing my insoles and when it works, I will buy extra pairs of GTS9 so I do not have to try the GTS10.

    Please bring back the GTS6/GTS8. Just market it as GTS retro and all old GTS users will be very happy.

  18. Aaron Hudacky

    I bought a pair of Adrenaline 9 shoes to replace my Kayano 14s. So far I have about 80 miles on them, and they have been great. I noticed the toe of the left shoe is wearing faster than the right. I’ve never had this happen with my other shoes, so maybe there’s a slight manufacturing variation. Ironically, it feels like I have hip flexor pain on that leg. Regardless, I’m happy with my 9s. I’ll give the 10s a shot next and try to figure out if it is me or the shoes causing the unusual wear.

  19. Mary

    Anyone else having arch problems with the 10s??? I’ve been in adrenalines since the 7? or 8? Can’t even remember.

    Anyway, usually I’m fine with the updated adrenaline-even the 9 that seemed to get so many people in an uproar…it took about a week for my foot/shin to adjust to the new shoe, but I was fine after that.

    But the 10’s I just can’t get adjusted to!!! I have had arch problems since the first run. It started with the right and now it’s moved to the left. At first I thought I was just having a right foot problem, but then the pain switched to my left foot, which leads me to think it’s the shoe, not me. It’s not debilitating…I still run on it, but it’s just irritating. I’ve also tried taking time off to try to get the arch to heal…the pain came back after another run.

    My first reaction about the 10’s was the increased arch support when compared to the 9’s, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. But I don’t know why it’s taking this long for me to adjust!

    Anyone else-arches?

  20. John

    I am so happy to see Brooks come out with the A-10. Brooks needs to burn the remaining A-9 inventory my opinion. I have been running in Brooks Adrenaline’s since they came out on the market. I never had an issue with my feet until I started running in the A-9. Within about a week I started getting heel pain, diagnosed as plantar fascia. I have been dealing with this issue for months. I returned my first pair of A-9’s back to Brooks and they were kind enough to replace them “stating who knows this pair maybe a lemon”. I am a true believer in Brooks shoes so I am anxious to tryout the A-10.

  21. Carrene

    Oh my I cannot begin to express my disappointment in this sneaker! I have been a LOYAL Adrenaline wearer for 9 years now – I’ve been through almost every generation of the shoe. Some generations I’ve like more than others, but I’ve always relied on Adrenaline for a great running sneaker that prevents all sorts of pains and shin splints I would get with other sneakers. However, this
    shoe is awful – totally unwearable!!! The arch HURTS – very uncomfortable, to the point where I cannot wear this sneaker at all. Please, please, please Brooks – bring back the lower arch!!!

  22. K

    Add me to the list of runners wishing for the 7s. The 8s I didn’t care for and got only one pair–the 9s I wish I could forget. Maybe it’s the MoGo, but I’m getting very few miles out of them before the knee pain starts. I’d like to be more faithful to my Adrenalines–hey, who doesn’t need more adrenaline when they run?–but since the 7s I just can’t trust my knees to this shoe exclusively. I hear good things about the 10s, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  23. Joseph

    I have had 5 pairs of the 7’s and they where AMAZING they are the shoe that got me into running longer distances(I was once a strict 5k-10k racer). I have now done several minis and am currently getting ready for my second full marathon. I refused to get the 8’s and only had one pair of 9’s. Here’s to hoping the 10 will be closer to the glory of the GTS 7.

  24. Fiona

    I switched from Asics to A-9’s after repeated problems with aches and pains which I just attributed to running. Within 2 weeks of using the A-9’s and running a Half in them,all problems disappeared! Have just bought 3rd pair before they go out of stock. Wil try the 10’s but I have a high instep so may cause problems. Hpoefully the 9’s will get me through my first marathon( London – quite excited!)

  25. Steve

    Add me to the fan base for the 7’s – I owned 3 pair. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. I progressed to the 8’s when they came out and ran my worst half ever. Felt like running in a pair of 2×4’s. Way too stiff. Quit running because of that shoe thinking I may had a physical problem. Stopped by my running store yesterday and saw the 10’s. If they’re close to the 7’s, I may try again. Brooks: Can I get a trade-in credit on my almost new 8’s??

  26. Scott W.

    Sorry to say that the 10’s are a huge bust for me. I was hoping that Brooks would stick to what brought everyone to these shoes in the first place. The new 10 feels like a cheap Nike. I loved the firmer forefoot on the 7 and 8’s. I bought so many pairs of these that I never tried the 9. Then I broke down and bought the 10. It has a VERY spongy forefoot which makes me feel like I am running in sand. They have very little response and tend to make your legs tired quickly…especially the calf. The fit is decent but more roomy overall then the 7 and 8. I am 165 pounds and usually train in a sub 8 minute mile. Marathon pace varies between 3:10 to 3:30. Looking online for anyone who still has 8’s in stock.

  27. Doreen

    I tried on the 10s and couldn’t even get out of the store to try a run because of the mammoth arch support. What a disappointment. Actively searching out the 8s as the 9s are too wide (not the advertised 2A).

  28. ChupaCabra

    This model is brutal. Ride is comparable to running with bricks duct taped to your feet. Something just doesn’t feel right with the arch or heel as it’s too high or off center. Regardless, I have heard too many good things about Brooks shoes and could use a recommendation on different model. I am 6′ (6’3″ with afro) and 185lbs so could likely could fit into a variety of models. Run about 25-35 miles a week.

  29. IdahoRunningGirl

    I too have been a dedicated Adrenaline wearer for many generations and LOVE the shoe… just got back from the running store and purchased the GTS 10. I completely agree that the arch is horrible, so I also bought some new insoles with a less dramatic arch. I am hoping to love these shoes as much as the others – my recommendation to all who are having trouble with the arch is to purchase other insoles until Brooks fixes the issue (hopefully) in future generations! 🙂

  30. Andrew

    Do these run a smidgen small? I usually wear 9.5 or 10, but the fellow at the running store suggested a 9 in these. They feel OK, but I am worried for when I start running in them.

  31. Kyle Henderson

    Stellar job on the 10’s… everyone’s feet are different. I really love the GTS 10’s. Spent loads of time trying out other models, brands, etc. These are “the shoes” for me. Cheers, Kyle

  32. Alan

    I guess everyones feet are different. Liked the 8’s, kind of liked the 9’s. But the 10 absolutly rock! I don’t feel the arch at all like some of the other runners do. I have flattish feet, moderate OPer, 150 lbs. The adrenaline 10 feels lighter and zippier than previous versions, very stable. The feel lighter than they should at their weight, although still light for a stability shoe. Love this shoe.

  33. Kurt Jacobosn

    I was sure glad to read that others are having issues with their GTS10’s. I had excellent experiences with the earlier models, except the 9’s. ( I didn’t buy them that year, so I can’t comment). I thought maybe I needed to bread them in a bit. However, like others have commmented, my arches hurt during my run, and after. It was first my left foot, then moved to my right foot. So, I think it has to do with their arch supports inside the shoe. However, I am not sure. I am going to the store where I bought them to see if they can give me any insight.

    Thanks…Happy Running!!

  34. Sarah Cross

    I’ve been wearing the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series for a decade now, and have loved them all…until I got the new pair of the 10’s. I agree with the earlier comment that this model is brutal. I went straight from the 8’s (of which I had 2 pairs) to the 10’s, and immediately noticed that they didn’t fit quite right. After a long run this weekend in the 10’s, I had shooting pain in my hip. This is really alarming, since I’ve never been injured before (and have run 19 marathons). Is there any way the 8’s can be reproduced? Those seem to be the most popular model, from what I’ve read here, and they were fantastic. After that first long run in the 10’s, I already have to retire them, unfortunately.

  35. Near Dark Track Club

    Finally this shoe fits me perfectly. Adrenaline 9 had a sloppy fit and zero arch contour. The new arch profile and snugger fit is outstanding. The shoe also releases well laterally which is very important to me.

    Please keep the 11 in line with this one!

  36. Retrobeast

    I have been running trails in the Adidas Super Nova Classic for 3 years. They finally have stopped making them so I went to Road Runner and bought a 2 times used pair of Adrenaline 10’s.
    Wow !
    Guess it all depends on the feet but the arch keeps my left flexible arch up where it should be and I feel great on every run.
    Too bad about the 9 stories I have been reading. I am tempted to try the close out special at Runningwarehouse.com but you guess 9 haters are keeping me from doing so.

  37. Justin

    Love Adrenaline’s.. only have worn the 5’s and 6’s which i had loved and got multiple pairs of. Havent gotten the 10s yet but i have high expectations from the other two versions of this shoe

  38. Brandie Miller

    This is my first pair of Brooks. I use to wear Mitzuno and today I tried on Brooks for the first time and fell in Love with the 10s. Can’t wait to run my PT test in them…

  39. Josh

    I got into Brooks because I am a Physical Therapist who began to train for a half marathon. After consulting a colleague of mine I was directed to buy the Adrenaline 8. For me it was perfect, I was have some knee pain, from my Trance 7’s and as soon as I switched to the Adrenaline’s all pain went away.

    About 2-3 months ago I bought the Adrenaline 10’s and I must say I have had nothing but issues with them. I developed “shin splints” after running about 20 miles in them and I was attributing it to my increase in millage, but after backing my millage down, trying different insoles, etc..I was convinced it was the shoes, so I went back to my Adrenaline 8’s…and no symptoms. I have run 2 races, in back to back weekends in my Adrenaline 8’s, a 5 mile race at a 7 min mile pace and a 6 mile leg of a marathon relay at ran a 7:15 pace (which both are about 30-45 second faster than my fastest training runs done in the Adrenaline 10’s).

    I cannot pin point exactly what is different between the shoes but for my feet the Adrenaline 10’s simply hurt. Also, another runner I know just switched to Brooks from Asics and was directed to the Adrenaline 10’s and she is having the exact same issue. I do not think the Adrenaline 10’s are for mild pronator’s or runners with more of a neutral arch, I will be looking to switch to a different Brooks shoe in the near future in prep for my next half marathon.

  40. Shan

    I’ve had the 8’s & 9’s and loved them. The 10’s…wow. My forefoot went numb after .25 mile and stayed that way through the rest of the 5k I ran and for about an hour after that. I just put the shoe back on this morning to run, and its going numb already. I hope the store will take them back and exchange them. So glad to see it’s not just me. I don’t like these at all.

  41. dan

    I’ve had two stress fractures, one above my knee and one in my foot, in the past two months without making any significant changes in mileage, etc. I was running injury free in the 8s and 9s for a while and thought I had found a shoe that worked for me; guess not.

  42. Jason Host

    Why would you make such dramatic changes to what has been a great product for a decade. These 10s have given me knee and foot pains I’ve never felt before. I won’t even mow the yard with them on. The only reason I’m still wearing brooks is that you can find older versions online for $50. Hope you get your act together for the 11th round or you’re going to lose another customer.

  43. Peter

    The 10s are good, but do not see durable. 100 miles and I’m already through the first layer on the outer heal (and I’m not the worst pronator). The other concern I have is, like the early version of the Trance, one of my smaller toes turned black and fell off within three weeks of using this shoe. This seems to only happen, for me, with Brooks shoes. Do I need a bigger shoe? – they are already about .5 size above my size.

    I have not tried the new Trance 10. I’m about to do that.

  44. waynepa

    The 10s were the most painful running shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve run in each of the iterations of the Adrenaline from 6 though 9, but the 10s seem to have a newly designed footbed that feels like a triagular section has been removed from the toe area in order to direct the motion of the foot over the middle toe. While it appears to have accomplished this goal, it did so at great cost to me – serious foot pain. I had to return these shoes after only 20 miles.

  45. John

    I’ve been in Adrenalines since the model 4 or 5 and like them so much I wouldn’t even try them on at the store because I “knew” they would be perfect. Over the years, this has done me well for at least a dozen pairs of shoes. This time I’m glad I bought them at a good store with a good return policy! The 10’s are very uncomfortable in the arch for me. Not so much that they outright hurt or created an injury, but definitely not something I want to deal with until they wear out. I ran a 25k in them and also experienced the greater leg fatigue mentioned in previuos posts. Sorry Brooks, but you just made a very faithful customer quite skeptical.

  46. Phil

    Went and met with a good buddy of mine about an hour away from my house for a 10K. Come to find out that i forgot my Infiniti 2 sneakers at home, so I had no running shoes with me. We went and i purchased the GTS10; not sure how they were going to feel; on top of that in a 10K on the first wear.
    They turned out to be excellent… After the race, i felt no pain no soreness, just pure satisfaction with my purchase.

  47. Sharon

    I have run in Adrenalines for many years they have been great..I have to say the GTS10 is NOT so great, had to go up half size not a big deal. But the numbness up to my ankles a BIG deal. The shoe is too tight at the back of arch and too stiff. I hope you make changes.

  48. Debbie

    My very first running shoe was Brooks, I then changed to Nike.
    I then went to the Adrenaline 9s. I have had five pairs and love them. As soon as I put them on, I knew they were the right fit for my foot. However, as soon as I put my foot in the 10s I knew the fit had changed.

    The arch is definitely too high and the toe box too narrow for my foot. I have found two pairs of the 9s online and wish I could find more. I will try going up a size on the 10s to see if that helps.

    When the 10s didn’t feel right I bought Saucony Guide 2s and my feet went numb after about 1 1/2 miles. I then tried the Brooks Defyance 3s and my left hip started to hurt.

    I then found a pair of Adrenaline 9s at a run expo and was much happier. It took about three months to get over the hip pain.

    After I go through my two pairs of Adrenaline 9s, I am wonder what I will do.

    Sad to see the 9s change.

  49. Tara

    I have worn adrenalines 5-9, and had no problems until I bought the 9s. The heel was too high and too stiff. It caused plantar fasciitis. Haven’t tried the 10s yet – hoping the heel is lower and less stiff.

  50. Texasgirl

    My first pair of Brooks were adrenaline 7 and I wore out two pair then tried the Trance. The trance was not the shoe for me and I went back to the A-7. The 8’s were not as great for me as the 7’s but I was able to work with them. Skipped the 9’s. Today I bought the 10’s and the moment I put them on my feet were happy! I can’t wait to run in them! I am a true 9 in regular shoes but have always bought a 10 in running shoes and the adrenaline were no exception.

  51. David

    I love the 10’s. 9’s were ok. I really liked the 8’s though. I have narrow feet so I don’t have many shoes to choose from. I am so glad these come in narrow. I wish the trail shoe Cascade came in narrow as well. Keep up the good work Brooks.

  52. Randy

    I am a veteran of 21 marathons. I have been using the Adrenalines since the 5’s. I go through about 6 pairs of Adrenaline a year. I liked the 6’s, hated the 7’s, liked both the 8’s and 9’s and am unhappy with the 10’s. First, the 10’s do not fit as well. They fit tighter than the 9’s and appeared to be too soft and did not seem to come up as far on the top (towards the ankle) of the foot. I also started to have heel/arch issues. I ran a marathon this Spring in a pair of 10’s. After it was over I went on a quest to find some 9’s. I found 2 pair and had no problems with them at all. After wearing out the 9’s, I purchased another pair of 10’s. I had the same issues with this pair of 10’s as I did with the first pair. Again I searched and found another pair of 9’s. My heel/arch issues went away. Hopefully, Brooks will consider going back to the 8’s or 9’s.

  53. Neilo

    7s and 8s were great, never had the 9s. The 10s…in a word, terrible. The heel bevel has wrecked my running for the past 3 months. 10 pt visits later and the achilles is only just coming good. I’ll probably have to go to a neutral heeled shoe like the Raveena or the Ghost 3.

  54. C

    Ran in Brooks since my 7th PE coach suggested them in 1981.

    Did fine with the Adrenaline since 2003.

    Got the 10s and thought they wore out too fast (300 miles) while training for my first marathon [I’m a 5k guy and normally casual runner].

    WRONG! The 10 bites. I am going to a podiatrist because my doctor tells me the increasing pain in my arch might be plantar fascitis. After reading the arch and injury comments on the Brooks blog, I may send Brooks my doctor bills for not attempting to remedy a horrible shoe.

  55. brochon

    I’d just like to respond to C about blaming the Brooks Adrenaline 10 for his plantar fasciitis…As a self-proclaimed 5-K guy and normally casual runner, did you ever happen to think that it might due to overuse issues your body wasn’t ready for? Or, perhaps the more likely culprit, poor form (i.e., heel-striking rather than mid-foot)? This likely would be less of an issue on shorter runs and might be something to investigate. Shoes can’t do it all!

  56. adrenaline 5,7,8

    I have run in these shoes for a while now. I have gotten around 400 miles out of both pairs of 10’s. Amazing fit and feel, the arch comes up nicely and then flattens out a bit through the run. The narrowness is nice so my foot doesn’t slide all over the place like in the 9’s. I don’t know why everybody thinks the 10s are bad, they’re the best model Brooks has had in the Adrenaline’s since the 7’s. The 11’s are doing even better for me!

  57. Jason W

    I always wore Nike and decided to try some Brooks because everyone always suggests them. I got the Adrenaline 10s a few months ago. I run about 20-25 miles a week with the occasional 10-12 mile run. These shoes were intially too uncomfortable to wear around but OK to run in. When I was done a run I would take them off imediately. Everything from the sole to the seams on my feet were a pain. After about 200 miles they’re starting to feel better to run and wear around. Initially the insole on the ball of my left foot felt like it had a lump in it. It would go away after a mile or two. There is no lump when feeling the shoe with my hands. Now I’ve developed a burning sensation in the ball of my left foot that I get when I run past 5 miles. I don’t know if it’s the shoes or me getting older (32) but I have also been struggling with patellar tendonitis since the new shoes also. I am really thinking about getting another pair of Nike Triax or Equalons and keeping the Brooks for shorter training runs.

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