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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9: Inside Scoop for Shoe Geeks

We’re excited to unveil the latest update to Brooks’ #1 shoe – the Adrenaline GTS 9! We update the Adrenaline GTS every year, and this version is the best yet. If you enjoyed the GTS 8, 7 (or 6, 5, 4…), then you’ll be thrilled with this one.

What makes this shoe great? We call it the GTS because it’s the ‘Go To Shoe’ for so many runners. The recipe for success is superior support, a snug “midfoot wrap,” and great “forefoot capture.”

Say what?

Midfoot wrap” is how the upper of the shoe conforms to the middle of the foot. Not just the arch, but also the side of the foot. With a snug midfoot wrap you get a shoe that feels “at one” with the foot.

Forefoot capture” refers to how the shoe holds the forefoot in place and keeps it from sliding around. One aspect that makes the Adrenaline so phenomenal is its ability to offer a generous fitting forefoot, while at the same time maintaining an unsurpassed level of forefoot capture. This is possible because the met head windows (mesh panels on either side of the forefoot) expand out to accommodate multiple foot types, but the overlays keep the foot securely in place. (Ha! I used to think the non-mesh overlays were just pretty designs!)

So what’s different vs. prior versions of the shoe?

* Sustainability: The Adrenaline GTS 9 becomes more environmentally responsible with the addition of our biodegradable midsole, BioMoGo, and recycled shoe laces.

* Midfoot Wrap: We altered the placement of the non-mesh overlays for even better midfoot wrap.

* Engineered Heel Geometry: We altered the “crumple zone configuration” (the lateral/outsole heel where the foot strikes the ground — or, the “colored heel” portion of the shoe) through a separate mold piece that helps to better control motion at impact.

* Last but not least, cool new colors! (Including an edgy all-black for both men and women!)

What’s the Same?

* Stability: The stability of the Adrenaline GTS 9 has been maintained through consistent placement and geometry of the PDRB® (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar).

* Snug Forefoot Capture: Once again, the Adrenaline GTS 9 delivers on this desirable feature.

* Outsole Pattern Configuration:  The flex grooves from the decoupled heel outsole pattern all the way through the forefoot are anatomically designed for the moderately pronating foot. Optimal support and integrity are offered while guiding the foot to an effortless toe off.

So there you have it! Check out the Adrenaline GTS 9 for Men and for Women.

Like what you heard but need a neutral shoe? Then check out the Defyance 2 – it’s modeled on the Adrenaline GTS 8 but is purposefully devoid of the stability features.

Like what you heard but want a trail shoe? Look for the Adrenaline ASR 5. It adopts the upper pattern and midsole package of the Adrenaline GTS 8 – but has a “weatherized” upper and an aggressive outsole which provides traction off-road and is still reliable on pavement.

About Jess
I work at Brooks in the fun and energetic marketing department in support of our athlete events. I ran at the University of Washington and now run marathons and just daily for fun. I love to eat pizza or waffles after my runs. My favorite Brooks shoe is the Launch!
  1. Greg B.

    So I’ve been running on GTS6’s for the last couple years and it’s time to retire them… I’ve got a brand new pair of GTS8’s sitting in the box waiting, but now with the 9’s coming out, is it worth waiting?

    Is the 9 going to blow away the 8, or should I just keep what I got?

  2. Meredith from Brooks

    That’s a tough call – the 8 is also a great shoe. (Check out the customer reviews on the product page: http://www.brooksrunning.com/prod.php?p=1100421D). If it were me I’d have a hard time not cracking open the box I already have.

    The 9’s are available now, so if you can, you should head over to your local specialty running shop and check them out! http://www.brooksrunning.com/retailers.

    Either way I don’t think you can go wrong…

  3. Bonnie

    The 8s got bad reviews. I have the 6 and they were awesome so it seems like Brooks has heard the complaints about the 8 and went back to making them to the way everyone loved them, like the 6.

  4. Wendy

    I love my GTS 8s and have purchased them the last couple of years. Will I love the GTS 9s just as much or should I stay keep buying the 8s until they’re out of stock?

  5. Neil

    I liked the 7s until I tried the 8s after which the 7s seemed awful by comparison. I wonder if the 9s offer such a dramatic leap in comfort? Bonnie’s post troubles me. I didn’t have the 6 but if they were anything like the 7 no thanks. I should note that I use them for long distance walking (12-20 miles per outing), not running.

  6. Cheryl

    Yikes! Brooks has changed the perfect shoe (8) to something that doesn’t fit as good. I just bought a pair of men’s (style 9) without trying them on because, for me, the 7 and 8 consistently fit well. I am taking the 9 back! On my foot, the shoe seems to fit tighter and feel shorter. I am disappointed because I am a tall gal (6’3″) with a long foot (13 women/12.5 men) so it is not easy to find a good supportive athletic shoe for a pronator! I bought three pairs of 8’s last year because it is a shoe that I wear 95% of each day-for everyday use and light hiking. Has anyone else noticed a change in the fit of the new 9’s? Meredith from Brooks-any advice for me about different shoe? The Books Switch 2 looks similar but doesn’t have the same roll bar (PDRB).

  7. Wendy

    I have owned GTS 5, 6, 7, and 9. By far, the GTS 6s were the best. The 7s lost their cushion too quickly. Now, the 9s seem like a whole different kind of shoe . . . for the worst! I’ve developed a knee problem after 5 days of wear along with a pulled arch in my left foot. In addition, my feet go numb after about 5 min of wear. They are not comfortable at all. Very disappointed.

  8. Meredith

    Bummer – two negative comments in a row! 🙂 Luckily overall feedback on the shoe has been quite positive. (Folks can check out some more customer reviews here:

    Cheryl/Wendy: Brooks has a no-questions-asked, 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all its shoes – the details of which are here: http://www.brooksrunning.com/Help/Returns+%26+Exchanges/. I hope your next pair of Brooks works better for you!

    Cheryl: The similar shoe to the GTS 9 is the Defyance 2 – it has the same overall fit but without the roll bar: http://www.brooksrunning.com/prod.php?p=1200521B&k=123211. It’s a great shoe, but not a good match for a pronator.

    Based on your description I would recommend visiting your local specialty running store and getting their advice on whether you’re in the right size. If the shoe itself is just not working for you, then you may want to look at our other support shoe, the Trance: http://www.brooksrunning.com/dyn_prodlist.php?k=123212


  9. Cheryl


    Thanks for responding to my blog entry about the Adrenaline shoe (March 3rd). I returned the shoe. Ended up having to go up a half size-which the running store people said was common for the 9. I still like the feel of the 8 better and also like the slimmer toe profile on the 8. The rounder toe style of the 9 makes the shoe look bigger.


  10. Denise

    I have worn the GTS shoes for years and I’ve loved them – especially the GTS 8. I walk about 3 miles a day and the shoes were great. I ordered the GTS 9 and I am disappointed with them. I wore them for two weeks and during that time developed a pain in my right shin. I’ve never had a pain in my shin. I went to a running store today and in talking with the staff at the running store and with my trainer decided that I was probably not in the correct shoe for me. It appears that the Defyance 2 would be a better shoe for me. I just talked to a representative on the telephone and they will be doing the exchange for me. I am disappointed that the GTS 9 did not work for me but I am very impressed with your level of customer service. You really do want us to be satisfied with our shoes!!!!!! Thanks!

  11. Dave

    I really liked the GTS 8, but it’s very unlikely that I will purchase another pair of the GTS 9. On runs over 10 miles, the mid-foot seems to give out. Maybe it’s the new Bio Mogo. Maybe it’s just me; but I do not remember having this problem with the GTS 8.

  12. Sheree

    I have had loads of brooks shoes and not had any problems but I bought the GTS 9 and took them back after a week, I had huge blisters on the upper part of my heel caused by the stiff vinyl stuff at the back of ankle, very disapointed when I’m training for a marathon. Now I’m quickly trying to track down the 8’s for the marathon then try a change after that.

  13. roger

    just recieved my first pair of gts9 .i have very flat feet,plus bad ankle from the USN so I needed great support I ran a 5k on the treadmill in 28 min. fastest time ever I own it all to the shoe.
    ps i dont run too ofton

  14. Rob

    I have to agree with the negative comments. I love the Brooks brand. I was fitted (at a running store) and loved the GTS 8s. When they died, I bought the GTS 9s recommended by the store, from day one they felt tough in the heel cushioning and my heel slid up and out too much. Like a dummy I’ve kept them for too long. Now I have recurring achilles issues and the heels of my feet feel like I’m running on bone. I’m going next week, 150 miles early to see what other shoe options they have. I LOVE Brooks, I hate the 9s. I will continue to buy the clothing. BRING BACK THE 8s, Please.

  15. Gloria

    I love my GTS 7s and bought 1/2 a dozen pairs when they went on sale early last year. I recently tried the GTS 8’s and found that they were not as flexible in the midfoot, did not have as much room in the toebox and seemed stiffer overall — perhaps too much stability for me. Are the 9s the same as the 8s? I would prefer a model similar to the 7s. Any advice?

  16. Kurt

    I just bought a pair of GTS 9’s. So far so good. I ran 9 + miles in them right out of the box today . ..I bought them to replace the GTs 8’s. The 9’s feel like they have a little more cushion than I recall the 8’s having brand new…yet they feel lower to the ground. The 8’s had a good fit but I think 9’s fit is even better. I wear an 11 1/2 am about 170lbs I have a medium arch, and I am a moderate pronator. I hope the outsole lasts longer than the 8’s. I’m pleased with my purchase.

  17. Yitka

    My review is also only based on the one run I’ve done so far in them, but it was a fantastic one – so for what it’s worth, I approve of the 9’s. I’ve worn Adrenalines for six years now, updating when new versions come out, and I really haven’t noticed any significant differences in any of them…except that I ran in my last pair of 8’s far too long before replacing them. Was getting some shin splints, so I finally splurged on the new 9’s, and today, had the first great run I’ve had in several weeks. Contrary to what some are saying here, I actually went *down* a half-size with this pair, and found that they gave me good space in the toebox, great cushion, solid arch support as always, and they even felt lighter on my feet than my old 8’s.
    I am satisfied!

  18. Chris

    Just curious if the GTS 9 are available in size 9, width 2E in the new colors?? Every place I’ve found to buy them has only the blue/white available in 2E. I’m so disappointed because I’ve been running the blue/white for years and was looking forward to a new color.

  19. Greg

    I am sad to say after running in the adrenaline since the GTS 6, I can’t run in this line of shoe any more. The crumple zone in the heal is very hard and mid sole is flat. So it sets up a situation where you come of this hard heal and hit the flat midsole and it is pretty jarring. the roll of the toes is very good, but that transition from heal to mid just doesn’t work for me.

  20. Michele Kassahn

    Now I’m confused. I thought at first I would change to the GTS9 from the trance 8 because I like the price! But maybe my knees would be better with another pair of trance. I just find that they break down so fast ( My last pair only lasted 10 months before my feet began to feel the road shock) I have plantar Fasciitis and some knee issues some of which developed because of my ignorance as to when you need new running shoes. I train year round for half marathons but am an older run/walker. What do you thing – skip the GTS and stick with the Trance?

  21. corley

    I ran injury free in the GTS 7…ever since the 8 and 9 I’ve had injuries (mostly ITB and lateral knee pain with 8’s) and in this last year chronic tendonitis in knee with 8/9’s.
    I also use inserts for more support. I’m very confused and need to now research a new shoe/brand/line…or new insert?
    any suggestions please??

  22. Lynette

    I’ve felt much better since moving from my 8s to my 9s but to be fair that can mostly be attributed to my going down a size. My first pair of brooks were picked for me at a pro shop but for some ridiculous reason I was made to buy three sizes bigger than my normal shoe size.
    Although I liked my 8s I never quite liked the size. With my new 9s in a size down I’m a happier runner. I ran for three hours in pouring rain yesterday and while my socks took a beating the 9s held up well. Uphill and downhill I felt good during the run. It feels better cushioned than the 8s but I suspect the wrap around is inferior. I have to admit I am feeling some of the after effects now in my knees.

    Oh, and I LOVE the new orange/grey colour…sure beats the old bland blue/whites.

  23. Leslie

    I just bought a pair of the GTS 9 after having EXTREME shin splits which I have been told is due to wearing a shoe more fit for low mileage. I put them on and ran down the block and back with absolutely no discomfort or pain. It was an absolute miracle but I guess I’ll have to wait until the morning to see if they can withstand 5 miles. For those who are complaining that the shoe gives you blisters, you should try thicker socks. Also, if you are having IT band issues/ knee issues, you should get a knee strap. It’s a knee brace that is basically just a strap that goes around the bottom of you knee, right under your knee cap. I’ve had multiple knee injuries from years of soccer/basketball and since wearing that brace I’ve had absolutely no problems. And I HAVE had problems with full braces. It is magical.

  24. Todd

    The new midfoot wrap has me confused….
    I ran in 8’s and felt pretty darn good. Now I am breaking in a pair of 9’s and find that the midfoot is quite snug. I am concerned that maybe I should go into a 2E from a D. How snug should that new midfoot wrap be????? I have never worn a wide shoe before…

  25. Jennifer

    I have to say I am disappointed with the 9’s also. I have run in the 6’s, 7’s and 8’s… and this is the first version that I am getting arch pain in and some knee problems. It seems like the cushioning in the 9 also broke down faster. I’m sad because I have been a loyal supporter of the Adrenaline.

  26. Dave

    I love the new 9’s. Went through two pairs of 8’s in the last 7 months – about 500 miles on each pair. First pair of 8’s were great, the second not as good. These new 9’s feel a whole lot better, fit great and even feel lighter.

  27. Ron Pugh

    I have worn Brooks in 5-6-7-8 and now 9’s. I was fine for about two weeks, and now am experiencing the same leg problems as others have noted. I have not had any leg issues with the others and have been loyal to Brooks but am questioning the shoe and the running store that I am using if the fit has changed. I am going back and see what they say or if I need to change the size as I have worn the same size for years.

  28. Erin

    I loved the GTS 6. Greatest shoes I’ve ever had. I tried 7 and 8 – only to quickly get injured with both. Based on the comments here, I’m not going to try the 9.
    Can you please return to whatever made the 6 so great? It seems there are many of us out there who did well with that design

  29. Eric

    The Adredaline 9 feels like there less cushion at the forefoot then the 8’s.Did Brooks change the forefoot if so I need to stock up on the 8’s

  30. Joe

    Moved from a Saucony Grid to the Brooks. My local running store thought the Grid was too much control for my stride. I assumed I would buy different pair of Saucony’s, but the GTS9 felt so much better than the Saucony’s and NB’s I tried, I switched. First Brooks I’ve had since the early 80’s. I now have 200 miles on this pair. At first I developed some slight shin splints, but after break-in, they have been great. Definitely planning on another pair. Curious as to how many miles I’m going get on these.

  31. Alex

    I’ve been running in Adrenalines for about three years now, and every pair I’ve had were always great. I could pound out ten mile runs a few times a week and not feel any of the aches and pains that I used to get from running shorter distances in other shoes. So I was excited to get into a new pair of GTS 9’s. And after putting in enough mileage so that I could really get to know these shoes, I am finally ready to report that they SUCK. A hundred dollars bought me a neverending series of blisters. The back of my foot (what’s that called, the rear ankle? The upper heel?) looks and feels like it got caught in razor wire every time I take them off, thanks to the way the stiff material they used keeps grinding against my foot as I move through my gait. The GTS 8’s did not do this. Nor did the GTS 7’s or the 6’s (which were the best of the four pairs I’ve had so far, in my opinion). I guess I will find out if Asics will fit me better.. But what I am certain of is this: my next pair of sneakers will not be a new model of Adrenalines. What a shame they killed something so good…

  32. Kate

    I agree with all the comments about the GTS 6’s. They were honestly the best pair of running shoes that I’ve ever had. I tried the 7’s and they gave me blisters and my foot would go numb after a couple miles. I tried the 8’s on in the store and could tell they didn’t fit right. Please please please bring back the 6’s. Why change something that is already so perfect?

  33. David

    I haven’t tried the GTS 9s, though I ran happily in at least three earlier versions. The Brooks shape fits my foot, unlike some others (Saucony, Mizuno), so I always look at Brooks first. A while back, on the recommendation of our local shoe guru, I tried a pair of Axioms, and bought them. They were a lot like the Adrenalines, but a little bit lighter. My understanding was that they offer a little bit less stability, so if you’re a mild overpronator then they might work for you as well. I’m now in Axiom 2s, alternating with a pair of Infinitis, which I love but they’re expensive. I haven’t tried the Axiom 3s, but if you need just moderate stability, they might be worth a try.

  34. Sid

    A question:
    I have had 2 pair of Defyance 1 & 1 pair of Defyance 2. I really like the Defyance…as of late have been experiencing some ankle tend. etc….thought I might be pronanting more than I thought. I have just purchased Adrenaline 9’s…..any thoughts ????

    I am 5’9 150 # high end of normal arches & really didn’t think I pronated too much until I watched a video @ my LRS …

    Should I stick w/ Defyance or will the Adrenaline offer too much stability ??

  35. Emily H.

    I’ve been running in Brooks Adrenaline shoes for 9 years and I’ve always loved them, always been injury free. After just four miles in the Adrenaline 9 I had arch pain, knee pain, hot spots on the balls and heels of my feet. I’m so disappointed, heartbroken even! After running in the 9 for just one month I’m going back to my local running store (fleet feet) to switch brands. Brooks left me high and dry (and barefoot) in the middle of training for the 09 Venice marathon…

  36. Ryan

    Well I started running in New Balance…..Then I discovered Brooks. I started with the GTS 6, then the 7 and then the 8. I am hooked. I tried some Mizunos……they didn’t work……then I tried some Pearl Izumis….good for short runs….. If you want the WHOLE package the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series is it for me. I won’t be switching anytime soon. I buy 2 pairs a year. They haven’t let me down yet.

  37. KimR

    Well-_I have to admit that I am very disapointed and struggling to find new shoes. I have worn the Adrenaline GTS 6’s for a long time. I had gone to the &s when they first came out and started getting pain in the legs from the shoe being too hard. I didn’t know about the return at Brooks—so now I am out that pair. I scooped up on ebay all the GTS 6s I could find at the time–but sadly my last pair is worn down to the foam! I wish the 6s would come back. I cannot find anything else comparable….

  38. Arlene

    I, too, am an Adrenaline GTS 6 wearer. I love them and I will miss them after I squeeze every last mile from the last 2 pairs that I have. Please bring them back. PLEASE. Thank you. 🙂

  39. Jo Fraser

    OMG! what have happened to the GTS. About 4 years ago I was so glad when I was fitted with GTS 6’s after trying several brands and suffering bursitis in my right hip. They were like the miracle shoe, the bursitis cleared up, and I was enjoying long runs with ease. My GTS 8’s were done and it was time for new ones, and the GTS 9 were out. So, being so used to these shoes I just went and purchased a pair in my usual size. I started alternating between the GTS 8’s (getting there last few miles out of them) and the new GTS 9’s, but I started getting a bruising on the ball of my left foot and pains up the back of my heel of my right foot. So I stopped running in the GTS 8’s altogether and my last few runs have been in the new GTS 9’s, and the pain has got worse. I now cannot raise up onto the ball of my right foot with enduring a searing pain up the back of my right heel, and I cannot walk around in my bare feet due to the bruising on my left foot. I have deffinately notice less cushioning on the forefoot of the GTS 9’s. Today I did the press test on both forefoot areas of both the GTS 8’s and 9’s and even with the amount of mileage the 8’s have completed there was more cushioning in the forefoot. There is deffinately something not right with the new GTS 9’s. What am I going to do? 🙁

  40. Matt

    I totally agree with the comments above. I am a physical therapist, and also an avid runner for many years. I have run in the Adrenaline for a long time. I bought the Adrenaline 9 and tried to gradually break them run as I usually do. Over the past 2-3 months since trying to wear them, I have developed heel pain as well, which has really slowed me down. It wasn’t until doing a little research, that I realized that Brooks changed the Adrenaline!! It is my understanding that the Adrenaline has been the one of the best selling shoes for quite some time. I just don’t understand why Brooks would tamper with such a perfect shoe 🙁

  41. theresa

    I too have just bought a pair of the 9’s after running in the 8s for the last 3 pairs of shoes (1.5yrs). I’m noticed that my feet (forefoot) starts to hurt quite a bit after 8 miles or so. Where did the support go?

  42. Sam

    I first tried the Brooks GTS 9 Addiction shoes to get rid of a shin splint problem. It helped with that. Unfortunately, I got a new problem in its place: severe heel pain. It’s so severe that I actually feel it as soon as I get out of bed in the morning and stand up. I also noticed that my pain goes down drastically when I’m walking a long distance in my normal dress flats. Can’t speak for everyone, but I think this shoe is too hard in the back.

  43. Emma

    I’ve been wearing the Brooks adrenaline GTS shoe since version 6 and this is by far the worst I have seen in terms of the amount of wear it takes to compromise the shoe. I am on to my 3rd pair this year and the only reason I’m not changing at this point is that I’m just over 4 weeks away from the NY mrathon. My training hasn’t changed but the shoe sure has…the wear on the sole of the pair I bought in February is worse than a pair of GTS 8’s that I have with 400 miles on them. I will be looking for an alternative shoe once I’ve run the marathon. The saying goes that “if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” and this is something Brooks ought consider before they change their most popular ‘go to’ shoe.

  44. Melissa

    I bought a pair of GTS 9’s, my first pair of Brooks, and I loved them. I had to return them though because I was experiencing some pain in my left foot. I took them back to the store and found out they were defective. I tried the Trance and hated them. A more expensive shoe that made my shin splints worse. (I developed the shin splints in a pair of new balance.) Needless, to say I went back to the GTS 9 and I still love them. The new pair feels much better than the old pair. I will continue to by the GTS’s.

  45. John

    Have to agree that something is off with the 9’s (and yes, the 6’s are the best running shoes ever made). My problems are in the medial area of both knees, and in the mid-forefoot area. I have been trying to convince myself that it’s not the shoes for a couple of months, but I can’t stand it any more. I’m just so bummed that my Go To Shoe isn’t any more.

  46. Sandy

    I’ve been running in Brooks Adrenalines since at least 2005 and have had pretty much flawless transitions to the new version each year, although I did notice my last pair seemed to have less cusion and it broke down so much more quickly. It has just been so nice to know my shoe and my size and order them whenever I need them. I just asked my hubby to order me a new pair and he grabbed 2 pair of GTS 9s. Now reading all these reviews, I’m concerned! Hey Brooks, I haven’t seen a post from one of your reps in rebuttal to the negative reviews since January, what gives? Sounds like most people were much happier with the older GTS models. How about taking a Mulligan on the GTS 9s and bringing back the design of the 6 or one of the other popular renditions? Sounds like you could be losing some loyal customers if the situation isn’t remedied quickly. Runners need shoes they can count on – year after year – or we’ll be running elsewhere!

  47. Carson@Brooks

    Thank you everyone for your comments on the Adrenaline series, specifically the 9th edition. There has been a lot of positive feedback above and in the marketplace regarding the 9. However we are acute to the criticism as well. We are diligently working to evolve the Adrenaline line to maintain its signature fit and function that all of you have come to know and love, while still finding ways to exceed your expectations. We feel that we have succeeded at that mission in the Adrenaline 10. So here is a brief preview of what you can expect in the latest version:


    1. Signature PDRB triple density post on the medial side of the shoe for industry leading stability.

    2. Hydroflow cushioning in the forefoot and heel.

    3. Iconic Adrenaline last and shape.


    1. Enhanced upper materials and construction to provide maximum comfort and breathability, while maintaining a conforming fit.

    2. Asymmetrical upper overlays to create a more secure arch capture.

    3. Increased heel bevel to create a smoother transition, a softer lay down, and slower rate of pronation.

    4. Caterpillar heel pad; A more segmented crash pad that customizes the individual’s lay down for the right amount of cushion and stabilization, resulting in a perfect ride for every stride.

    Again, we want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty to our brand. Our promise is to continue to make you the best running shoes on the market. Thanks you for your feedback, and we hope you love the new Adrenaline 10! We are really proud of it!

    Carson Caprara
    Footwear Product Line Manager

  48. Sandy


    Thanks for the info. I just finished my last long race for the season and had to go back to an old pair of GTS6 I had in my closet to finish the run. My 9s are headed for the recycle bin, so I’m hoping the 10s are as good as promised. When will we see them in stores? I’ve loved my Brooks until the 9s, so I’d like to stay loyal. I’ll give the 10s an honest try, but if they don’t live up to the trusty 6s, 7s or 8s, I’m going to another brand. I’m still not sure why you just won’t go back to what worked for the 6s instead of creating yet another new product, but that’s probably the marketing piece I’ll never understand… Anyway, thanks for the explanation, and I look forward to giving the 10s a try.

  49. Carson Caprara


    The 10’s officially hit the market on January 1st. However, we do release a number of them early (November/December) that can be found in select retailers and on our website. Thanks again for your loyalty, and I am confident that you will love the new version.

  50. Lori R.

    I have had the GTS 9s for six weeks. Immediately after switching to them (from the 8s) I started having pain in my left hip. It got progressively worse and today I went back to my local running store to see if the shoes might be defective. They swapped them out for me and I got a pair of the GTS 10s. I am hoping they do the trick. I have loved the GTS line and hope I won’t have to try a new shoe.

  51. Matt Borschke

    I agree I have been a huge brooks adrenaline fan all my running life and the 9’s have killed me. My glutes and feet have hurt more than ever. I want to take them back but I have ran too far in them. I am thinking of leaving brooks for newton’s shoe. You guys ruined a good thing.

  52. Megan

    U just bought the 9’s and i thought they seemed stiff but i was use to the asics that were very soft and wore out way to fast but i guess i’m not the only one who thinks this way i’m going to return them and c if they carry any 8’s

  53. Nicole

    i absolutely love the brooks gts 9! ive used then for about 4 seasons straight and they are amazing. brooks has the best shoes! thank you!

  54. Mauricio Garcia

    I bought the Adrenaline GTS 9 two weeks ago after running with the GTS 8 for six months without problems, now after I run 15 to 20 minutes witht the new GTS 9 I feel EXTREME shin splits pain in both legs. Please advice.

  55. Meredith

    Hi Mauricio-
    Sorry to hear the 9’s didn’t work out for you! Brooks products come with a no-questions-asked, 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your new Brooks equipment within the first 30 days after purchase, we will replace or exchange your product. To set up your exchange, please call 800-2BROOKS.

  56. Sherry

    After running in these shoes just three times I began to have left foot pain. The ball of my left foot began to cramp. This discomfort lasted well after the run was over. I continued to feel like my socks were balled up under my left middle toes. I have purchased a new shoe from another company and the pain has stopped. I have no more phantom sock ball. Thanks for listening.

  57. Cindy Sievers

    I was fitted in 2008 for the 8’s one week before my half marathon after having shin split issues with Nike’s. My first run in them was 10 miles…loved the shoe and was able to PR in my race.

    Bought the 9’s to resume training after taking some time off and have had nothing but problems…my knees ache after 2 miles and my legs feel like concrete blocks.

    Why do they always change something that works?? Heading to my local specialty store to find a new shoe so i can resume my training.

  58. Tim

    Hey, I love running and shoes. I work at a specialty running store.

    Maurico – try the Adrenaline 10’s. The 9’s are softer than both and you could still be overpronating (that’s what it sounds like to me with the limited information).

    Sherry – I would have to ask you more questions to find the true culprit for your pain but it honestly sounds like the Brooks Adrenaline were fitting too narrow and too short. I wonder which shoe you switched too – that may have helped us figure out the problem also (so we could prevent it in the future).

    Cindy – My first advice would be to always return to your specialty running store so they can inform you of the “true” updates. It sounds like the 9’s are still letting you overpronate (assuming the shin splints are on the medial side, you are stretching your calf muscles, and you didn’t increase too much mileage from taking time off). In my findings the 9’s are softer than the 10’s, 8’s, etc so I would suggest going with the 10’s. The 10’s also run about a half size short (in the regular width model). And they update the shoes in hopes to bring us the best technology but staying true to the shoe. Sadly, that doesn’t always work (I wasn’t a fan of the 9’s either but the 10’s are amazing). I hope that helps the few I talked to.

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