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Brooks Defyance 2: Inside Scoop for Shoe Geeks

Defyance 2

Recently added to the Brooks neutral shoe lineup: the Defyance 2. The shoe is an update to 2008’s Defyance, which (despite a love-it-or-hate-it lime-green men’s color scheme) won the Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award in 2008.

Now some inside scoop for the shoe geeks:

The Defyance can be thought of as the the “neutral cousin” to our Adrenaline GTS.  Our most popular shoe series, the Adrenaline is widely praised for its brilliant fit and ride for runners in the Support category. So the Defyance (and now the Defyance 2) takes this same fit and ride and translates it to a different foot type. The result is a flexible, cushioned, “go-to” neutral shoe with the instant fit, mid-foot wrap and famed ride of the Adrenaline.

How’d we do it? By removing the Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar (PDRB), and combination board last (used for additional support in the Adrenaline), the Adrenaline GTS series was “neutralized”. The Adrenaline GTS series and Defyance series live together in harmony, with the Defyance inheriting the previous year’s Adrenaline GTS, purposefully devoid of the stability features.

So what’s new with the Defyance 2 vs. the original Defyance?

– Uses the Adrenaline GTS 8 tooling and upper construction.
– Bulit with the environmentally-friendly BioMoGo midsole.
– New shoe laces are comprised from 100% recycled materials.
– Increase in the amount of flex grooves on the outside of the heel encourages a smoother transition and decreases the forces rotating inward at impact.
– A slight expansion in the opening of the heel geometry allows for better cushioning scores and flexibility.
– The metatarsal window openings on the upper have been reduced in size, improving forefoot capture and complimenting the secure midfoot wrap.
– Last but not least: new colors for men and women!

About Jess
I work at Brooks in the fun and energetic marketing department in support of our athlete events. I ran at the University of Washington and now run marathons and just daily for fun. I love to eat pizza or waffles after my runs. My favorite Brooks shoe is the Launch!
  1. mike pollice

    just bought my first pair of Brooks shoes Defyance 2 and am in love with them. Been running in Miz shoes and the running store (up ‘n running) did not have the Miz I wanted so they suggested the Brooks Defyance 2 and woweeeeeeee. Thanks Brooks you guys & gals rock.

  2. mark stubenfoll

    have there been any complaints about the defyance 2.

    just does not seem to work for me like the defyance 1 did.

    Am I imagining things?

  3. brian

    I put over 500 miles on two pairs of Defyance 1 and I thought they were the best shoes I have ever had. I bought a pair of Defyance II and I wish I could still get the Defyance I.

  4. bob

    i just recieved a card that says you are discontinuing the defyance2.i hope it is not true,it is the third shoe from brooks that i have gotten used to and like the others now its is very hard to keep up.

  5. michelle

    I’m a faithful runaholic, 6 days a week on paved road. The Defyance 1 is the most incredible shoe I have ever experienced. After wrongling fitted in a heavy stability shoe, subsequent debilitating foot pain, a month in a boot with unexplained nerve/ligament strain, a great sales person in a specialized running store persuaded me to go VERY nuetral and sold me the Defyance 1. All pain an problems were solved for good! 2 years later, I never slow down thx to Defyance 1 (I’ve had several pair!) Just broke down and bought the new Defyance 2, 3 months ago, & it does NOT feel good! Foot numbness, less comfortable ride altogether. I am buying up Defyance 1’s online on clearance until Brooks wises up and brings the orginal back!

  6. Asaf

    I had the Defyance 1 and loved every mile of the 400 I did with them. They were very comfortable: soft and flexible. After 400 miles they started giving less support than I needed, but that was expected from a natural shoe. The Defyance 2 feel stiffer and much less comfortable overall. After 200 miles they feel completely “ruined” and I don’t want to run in them anymore. A shame. Bring back Defyance 1!


    HELP PLEASE!!!!!! Does anyone know where to get a pair of Brooks Defyance 1 shoes anymore??????? PLEASE, ANYONE????? I really need them for my son! THANKS EVERYONE :o)

  8. Stevie

    Bring back the Defyance 1!!!! I ran a pair of 3s, and they were great, but I still think the 1s were the best! I have yet to try 4, and I will probably wait until they go on clearance. Maybe it was just that I loved the green, and these were my first Brooks, but I loved that shoe.

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