Nov | 13
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Brooks I.D. Member Rob Heppell Conquers the Majors

A big shout-out goes to Brooks I.D. member Rob Heppell. Rob just achieved his goal of running all 5 World Marathon Majors in one year!

Rob was doubly excited (and we were extra impressed) that he managed to finish each of the 5 major marathons (London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and New York) in under 4 hours. Even better, his last race in New York was his fastest (3:29), as well as a qualifier for Boston next year.

Way to go Rob…and keep running happy!

  1. Anthony Villasana

    Wow, all 5 majors in 1 year. With a Boston qualifier is great. I’m on my 2nd major in 2 yrs. Way to go..Fellow B.I.D. member!

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