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Vegan Shoes (Or. . .Yes, Our Running Shoes Are Vegan, Too!)

Can shoes be vegan? Yup!

High-performance, responsive, plush, highly cushioned, supportive … these are some of the words that generally come to mind when we try to describe Brooks running shoes.

A little known fact: all Brooks running shoes meet vegan standards. (The one exception in the entire Brooks footwear line is the walking shoes.)

Want another great green option to choose from? Checkout the Brooks Green Silence, a shoe designed with Earth in mind.

The Green Silence

The Green Silence

  • shashi

    Fantastic information! Brooks rocks!

  • Jason

    When you say they meet “vegan standards” what do you mean? Do you mean that none of the materials used in the shoes and in their production contain any animal-derived products? Or, do you mean something else?

  • Hello from Brooks-

    Except for our leather walking shoes (Addiction Walker and Addiction Walker V-Strap), there are no animal derived products in our current line of shoes.

    Thanks for the question!

  • Wow, that’s awesome! I had no idea. You should advertise this a little bit more, it is a huge selling point to some of us.

  • Diana Czuchta

    Hello Meredith,

    Does Brooks have any intention of becoming entirely vegan? Do you truly need to use leather in those two shoes? As Jesse says, this is a great selling point, and especially in the instance you become entirely vegan. Thank you.

  • Sabrina

    Used to run in Brooks for years. Then went to NIke, but as a vegetarian and now looking to encourage my eldest, vegan son to try running, I started to look for VEGAN RUNNING SHOES thinking I was in for a huge expense. Surprose to come across this comment page. I’m going to purchase my son Brookes running shoes for Christmas and start buying Brooks again for myself!
    Thanks !!!

  • f xvx

    Thanks to this Info I just got my first pair of Brooks (Adrenaline GTS 10) at our local Runners Point – keep it up!

  • Rich

    this is terrific, I agree that you should advertise this. I went and bought a pair of Adrenaline’s yesterday at my local running store because they were good shoes and vegan. Thank you.

  • Erik

    I’m yet another person who exclusively buys Brooks running shoes because they’re vegan (and, of course, very good shoes overall).

  • Fantastic!

    I just began my search for vegan running shoes, and it looks like I scored! Good-bye to Nike & hello Brooks!



  • Also, I should mention that the PETA website offers a list of brands that offer vegan options and Brooks is not currently on that list. I urge you to think about submitting to be added to their list. Here is the link to do so.


    I think it is fantastic that you have so many vegan options and you should definitely be included.



  • Maria

    I think it’s great that you offer vegan running shoes: these are so hard to find! I was also wondering if you have a commitment to fair trade or other ethical-practices?


  • Hi Maria,
    Thanks for asking. You can read all about Brooks’ overall commitment to social responsibility here: http://www.brooksrunning.com/Running+Responsibly/

  • Jude

    It’s so great that you have vegan shoes. I would never buy leather shoes.

    Thank the staff at Universal Sole in Chicago for convincing me your shoes really were non-leather.

    I’d advertise this so others know.

  • j

    It would be great if you would include vegan walking shoes. Why do walking shoes have to be leather, and why do all others have to be made of 75% mesh? What are you supposed to do on rainy days?

    I live in the Pacific NW, and while I realize we get more rain than lots of places, I am driving myself crazy looking for decent walking shoes that won’t fill with water every time I go out.

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  • Val

    I’m so happy to learn that Brooks running shoes are vegan. I just became a vegetarian and I can’t go out and replace all my leather shoes all at once. But I do already own Brooks running shoes and I will be sticking with this brand!

  • JD

    Love my Brooks! Recently started “going vegan.” Trying to be more aware of the products I buy other than food, so I was pumped when I checked on my fav brand of running shoes to fing they are vegan! You guys rock!

  • Leo

    It’s one of the reason i started buying Brooks shoes both for training and competition.

  • Kelsey

    wow, i had no idea! that is great 🙂

  • adriennefriend

    Thanks so much! I love my Brooks.

  • Donna P

    Awesome! My next pair of running shoes will definitely be Brooks 😀

  • cindy

    love brooks animal friendly running shoes for running but can you make me a cross trainer?

    • brooksblog

      Hi Cindy. Thanks for stopping by! Right now, we’re focused on 100 percent on the run. Thanks for running with us!

  • terry

    this is awesome!! definitely going with brooks from now on!

  • joanne_b

    This is awesome! I’ve been going with ASICS or Saucony’s vegan running shoes for years. Now I’m trying Brooks! Do they say ‘vegan’ on the label? I want a company that is loud and proud about it!

    • brooksblog

      Hi Joanne! Our performance running shoes are vegan friendly but it isn’t
      advertised on the shoe. If we can help you further feel free to reach out to us
      at CS! http://ow.ly/EXfDY

  • Rob S

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for some quality vegan running shoes.

  • Sally

    I agree with joanne_b that it would be nice if the shoes said vegan on them or if there was a way to add something to them. Maybe you could think about a tag that could be glued on or a tag that could be looped through the shoe laces that said something like, “Brooks Vegan Shoes”.

  • Sparky

    Are the women’s vantage considered running shoes? I’m pretty sure it says leather, but is under “running”, if this is synthetic please let me know. Also if it is leather, where do you get your leather from? What I am concerned about is the leather being a product of the meat industry or are the animals slaughtered for the leather, as in China where they use dogs for leather. Thank you!

  • Tim Hordo

    Great stuff! Does this still hold true for 2017?

    • @timhordo:disqus Yes! This is still true of our performance line currently.

      • Tim Hordo

        Perfect, thanks!

  • Amy Désirée Goldstein

    You should manufacture your walking shoes vegan also!

    • Hi Amy! Several of our walking shoes are vegan! The Adrenaline GTS 19 and the Addiction 13 both come vegan. See the new Adrenaline here: https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/brooks-running-shoes-adrenaline-gts-19-womens/120284.html

      • Amy Désirée Goldstein

        I vote with my dollar. If ANY of your shoes use material sourced from animals, then I will avoid it like the plague.

      • Parakeet

        This article is ten years old. Just a few years ago not all of your running shoes were vegan. Can you please provide an updated list of which of your products are vegan? Most shoe companies indicate whether a product is vegan in the product description or a FAQ. Could Brooks do this? As of now, since this article is out of date, there’s no way for me as a customer to find out which shoes are vegan without contacting Brooks. I have to buy sneakers today and the offices are closed so I won’t be purchasing Brooks.

  • PlantBasedRealtor

    Woo Hoo!!! I love my Newtons but I’d like more options and I used to have some Brooks that I really liked so…time to head to the running shop!