Oct | 13
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Working to Make Running Shoes More Sustainable

This past summer, Brooks hosted writer Florence Williams for a visit to our manufacturing facilities in China. Florence was doing research for an in-depth Runner’s World article about the environmental impact of running shoes. Our aim was to help her understand how complex running shoe material sourcing and manufacturing is, share the challenges all performance brands face when trying to make their products more sustainable, and show her what Brooks is doing to help move the needle on sustainability.

The article, entitled “The Runner’s Footprint,” now appears in Runner’s World’s November issue. We hope you read the article, and take a tour of our Green Room to learn more about Brooks’ sustainability efforts.

As our CEO Jim Weber says in the article, “It’s not all pretty . . .But we believe no one is working harder at it. Our belief is to be transparent. We are where we are, and we’re not pretending we’ve figured it out.”