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Peek Inside the Potty

CNBC has posted some pictures of the upcoming Brooks VIP Porta Potty, along with a short interview with head Brooks marketing guy, Dave Larson.

  1. Shebaduhkitty

    that is pretty cool… I just got a super nice Brooks long-sleeved running shirt (new-with tags still attached) at the thrift store for a bargin price 🙂 and I love it… I won’t be at a marathon anytime soon, but this is a very cool idea.

  2. c s morris

    today I went to the wonderful store in durham nc that sells you shoes. i wanted to buy a dark brown pair of addiction walkers like i did two years ago. they did not have the shoe in my size and informed me that you no longer make it..instead you now have a suede looking shoe that i did not like. I therfore am going to have to find another brand of shoe..and feel your designers were wrong in discontining the shoe for the aweful looking suede one. cs morris

  3. R Schlegel

    I ran the MCM 10K this morning. I bought some Brooks gear at the MCM Expo just so I could use the VIP porta potty. But when I got to the race start, there was no VIP porta potty in sight anywhere. I looked all around for about 15 minutes, then gave up and used the regular porta potty. I felt deceived by Brooks.

  4. Meredith

    Hi R Schlegel-

    Very sorry you missed the porta potty! Our location was right after the Runner’s Village en route to the start line. Next year if we do this again we’ll be sure to post a map in advance.

    I’ll drop you a line to get your address so we can mail you a goodie.

    Hope the race otherwise went well,

    Meredith from Brooks

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