Sep | 24
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What is the best way to clean my running shoes?

One FAQ that frequently comes my way is…”What is the best way to clean my running shoes?”

The answer: Hand-wash them with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For best results, clean your shoes immediately after they’re exposed to mud or dirt. Then let the shoes air-dry at room temperature. It is important that you do not machine-wash or machine-dry your shoes!

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  • gina

    I have Brooks ariel tennis shoes. I golfed in them during wet weather and now they really stink. They don’t have any mud or dirt on them. How do I get rid of that smell if I can’t wash them. Thanks for the info.

  • Joel Ballezza

    Hi Gina. This is an easy fix!

    Remove the insert, hand wash the shoe with warm water and mild detergent and let air dry. This should get you back to smelling great!

  • Samara

    Thanks for the into! I’m glad I looked this up instead of just machine washing my brooks!