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Brooks to Get “The Works” on the History Channel

A few months ago a camera crew spent two days at Brooks for a new TV series on the History Channel called The Works.

The Works is an engaging, educational, and entertaining documentary-of-sorts that sucks you in and spits you out an hour later with a rich new knowledge about something we encounter in everyday life, from garbage to power tools to beer. Each week the series tackles something different, and this week they’ll take us into the world of “sneakers”!

Tune in to the History channel this Thursday, Aug. 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT as sneakers are put under the microscope. You’ll see footage taken from Brooks’ HQ including interviews with Derek Campbell, Rich Zartman and Fritz Taylor (on running shoe biomechanics, design, environmental advancements and overall footwear philosophy).  The episode will discuss why sneakers are so essential to modern life and uncover the story of the multi-billion dollar global industry that inspires music, movies and its own subculture.  Check your local TV listings for the exact channel number in your market, or visit for more information.

The episode is also set to re-air Friday, Aug. 8, 2 AM (ET/PT), Sunday, Aug. 17, 11 AM (ET/PT), Thursday, Aug. 21, 10 AM (ET/PT), and Thursday, Aug. 21, 4 PM (ET/PT).

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