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My first run in the Launch 7

By Brett Fisk, Team Brooks Athlete and Coach at Wolf Athletics

From when you first take the shoes out the box, they already look better than the previous model. Sure, the midsole and outer sole are the same but the upper looks sleeker & like a tighter fitting already. As soon as you put the shoes on you know they’re going to be good, they fit a little snugger than the Launch 6, which is a good thing. The Launch 5 had the perfect fit for my feet but the Launch 6 was a bit looser, so it’s good to know straight away that they’ve fixed this in the Launch 7.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had the last model for too long and they’ve been worn down to the midsole, but this new model already feels fast. This season, Brooks has shifted this model into their “Speed” category and for what I use them for, I feel that this suits them perfectly. They sport a 10mm drop which fits this style of shoe perfectly as the drop still provides adequate relief for the Achilles & calf on track & road, unlike most racing flats.

My first session wearing them is on the grass and its rep work – good thing I’ll have some tread this week. I know I won’t be as fast as I should be running in them on grass, but compared to last week, I feel like I’m moving quicker already. The midsole composition of BioMoGo DNA hasn’t changed from the last model & it’s just as springy as the last pair I had. Responsive underfoot and not too bulky, I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this pair like I did with the last two models.

This shoe will sit perfectly in the repertoire of an athlete of any ability, lighter and faster than your Ghost 12’s or Glycerin 17’s you might be using for your long runs and recovery runs. For those track athletes, you will find the Launch 7 is a bit more cushioned than the new Hyperion Tempo which will be suitable for your really fast stuff. The Launch 7 is such an extremely versatile shoe that can be used for a wide range of speeds and distances. I use this shoe more than any other throughout the week.

I highly recommend this shoe for the runner who is looking for something a bit lighter & faster for their weekly park run or runners doing some faster repetition work on either grass, track or gravel. The shoes last approximately 500-600km depending on how much wear, but if you really want to keep them feeling light and snappy as I do, I would recommend a fresh pair after the 400km mark, at least that’s my personal preference! Hope you all like this model as much as I do – Run Happy!

Photography by Matt Axford


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