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Running Tips

Top tips for running in winter

Running in winter can be a difficult task. Daylight savings has ended, it’s ice cold and you find yourself starting to hit that snooze button once, twice and even three times before you manage to roll out of bed.

You know once you’ve run you’ll be glad that you did, but how can you get motivated to get yourself to tie up those laces and head outside?

Here are our top tips that will help you battle the elements and Run Happy this winter.


Run Happy

The first thing you need to put on is your Run Happy attitude.

Say to yourself “Why am I doing this?”

Are you training for a marathon, looking after your health or simply enjoy the runner’s high?

Whatever the reason, repeat why you are doing this to help motivate you. You have made a commitment to yourself, now it’s time to show up and do this. You got this, we believe in you!

Wear the Right Shoes

You definitely won’t be running happy if you’re in the wrong shoes.

Everyone has a unique foot type and it’s important that you find the best shoe to meet your feet’s needs.

Find the correct shoe for you in our online Shoe Finder tool now.

There is no excuse to stay inside when it’s raining, just slip on a pair of the Ghost 12 GTX and you’ll stay protected thanks to its breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane.

Dress Appropriately

Dress like it’s warmer than it is. Overload on the layers before and after your run but try to avoid having excessive layers during your run to avoid sweating so much that you’ll give yourself a chill. Your body temperature will slow down once you finish your run, it’s better to add some layers post run to accommodate this change.

If your reluctant to ditch that last layer why make sure you can ditch that extra layer along your run. Our LSD jackets in both ladies and men’s styles can fold and transform into a small pack on your arm to keep your options open for your winter running attire.

Warm up

Move around enough to get your blood pumping without breaking a sweat. Stand under some shelter and do some stretches to get your muscles fired up, pace on the spot to get fired up or even do a couple of quick rounds running up and down some stairs if possible.


Keep a sensible pace

Regular runs in winter are about maintaining your speed not trying to increase it drastically.

Listen to your body, because if you don’t do whats best for it, it won’t be what is best for you. You might be tempted to run fast to warm up quickly, but this will not help in the long run.

If you’re running a 5km make sure you ease into your run, giving your body the time to warm up and for your muscles to relax, picking up your pace when your body lets you know it can now handle it.

Post-run musts

Winter weather in Australia is quite unpredictable, especially if you’re living in Melbourne. It’s important to be prepared to battle all the elements on your run.

Pack a backpack with some must-haves to keep you nice and toasty pre-run and post-run.

  1. A nice warm jacket. While it’s not ideal to run in a thick jacket as you’ll catch a chill once you stop and your body temperature goes down. Make sure to pack that extra layer for before and after your run. Check out the perfect ladies and men’s jackets to keep you warm this winter.
  2. Extra pair of socks. There is nothing worse than having to walk or run in wet socks, make sure to pack an extra pair to change into after your run.
  3. A bag to pop wet clothes in for after your run.


Treat Yourself to Something Warm

Congratulations you did it! Now it’s time to treat your efforts with a warm beverage.

Warm yourself up from the inside out with something hot and delicious, head on inside, grab a good book, curl up and relax.


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