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Our manifesto is to Run Happy. Run Happy is behind everything we do, the emotional core of the running experience. We believe a run can flat out change a day, a life, the world. Creating a Run Happy experience is the motivation behind every advancement and decision we make.

To develop a Run Happy experience, Brooks works in collaboration with Dr. Gert-Peter Brueggemann and Dr. Joseph Hamill to develop the Brooks Run Signature.

Holistic approach to designing, developing and fitting running shoes. Starts with the runner to optimize efficiency, reduce injury risk, and deliver comfort”.

Why update the support system?

The primary role of the body, when running, is to keep the knee stable. GuideRails revolutionise traditional stability by allowing your hips, knees, and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run.

Knee injury rates in runners haven’t shifted, decreased or changed, so Brooks has developed GuideRails – a smarter system that works together with the foot to keep the knee stable, addressing calcaneal eversion and adduction.

How GuideRails work?

The key to the GuideRails support system is coupling. That’s the partnership between the knee and ankle. As in any great relationship, they work together as a team.

The coupling approach allows us to keep you running on your unique motion path while decreasing the chance of knee injuries. We have updated our midsole with an inner and outer wall, designed to stabilize calcaneal eversion and limit excess calcaneal shifting.

Simply put, GuideRails are the bumpers in bowling and your foot is the ball. They’re there when you need them and out of your way when you don’t. They work hard to reduce excess heel and shin rotation to keep your natural knee motion within a safe range, so you can run without pain or discomfort.

What were the results?

80% of the runners tested saw a reduction in knee motion with the new GuideRails, compared to the previous version of the Adrenaline GTS.

Brooks has implemented this smarter support system to empower runners with the freedom to run the way they naturally do.


Learn more about the GuideRails here.
Shop the Adrenaline GTS 19 featuring GuideRails here.


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