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Brooks Levitate Road Test

In the lead up to the Levitate being launched globally, we gave Team Brooks Athlete, John Dutton a pair to road test for us. John has previously been training in the Ravenna 8. 

By John Dutton, Marathon Runner and Team Brooks Athlete.

I was lucky enough to trial the latest Brooks Levitate recently and would love to share my thoughts.

Upon first trial I felt that the shoe provided a springy ride, but not aggressively so. The shoe had enough cushioning to support your foot however still gave you that feel for the road that you need to run well.

During my trial I felt the shoe moved well with change of direction and had a nice fit around the foot. The light mesh upper hugged your foot and kept it stable. This is essential as it avoids any instability in the foot which may cause joint issues. Also, too much movement in the shoe increases friction which may result in blisters. So this shoe helps avoid these issues.

The Brooks Levitate is a capable marathon tempo training shoe that feels lighter per step than the 317g weight (men’s, 275g women) would suggest; thanks to a new energy return midsole system that Brooks has spent the last few years developing.

I felt light on my feet which is important when running. You don’t want to be weighed down by a shoe. You want to feel like you could run all day, and the Levitate demands to be that shoe.

I found the Levitate transition from heel to toe well, to help navigate through corners quickly without wasting energy; thanks to a flexible arrow-point pattern on the outsole.

The Brooks Levitate is best suited to you if you require a neutral shoe that offers an energizing, springy ride; and have a medium to high arch. With a 8mm mid sole drop, the Levitate wants you up on your toes, therefore best suited to road and/or track running.
Brooks Levitate Running Shoes are now available. Shop Women’s Levitate or Shop Men’s Levitate.


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