Feb | 12
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Live the Way You Run, Run Happy

Passion for the run is central to Brooks and all that we do; that passion is a powerful combination of endorphin’s and a love of all things running.

It’s the same passion that hits when you’re least expecting it on the run: catching the first glimpse of a beautiful sunrise, smiling at a familiar face on the trail, conquering a new distance milestone. In these moments, we find joy. It’s in ourselves and all around us.

That feeling a run can provide is the essence of what we’re about, and it inspires us to get out and give it our best day in and day out. Through running— and running happy!— we’ve realized a run can truly change a day, a life and even the world!

The transformative effects of running are endless and they are generous. On the run, we clear our heads of daily stress, we sort through our hearts and maybe our personal lives, and the problems that seemed like mountains when we started feel like small speed bumps when we’re done. No matter what the starting point, when we lace up and go for a run, we feel better when we finish than when we began.

And at the end of the run, we get feelings of clarity, accomplishment, contentment, happiness and much more; that internal glow we get is exactly what our newest campaign, Live the Way You Run, Run Happy, is built on. Live the Way You Run, Run Happy builds on the inherent power of the run and the way it echoes through our lives long after our last mile is logged for the day. This year, we’ll bring that spirit to life by celebrating what makes running so powerful.

In all of its forms, the campaign will showcase, celebrate and invite runners to reflect on the role running plays for them personally. At the root of it is a universal joy that running creates for each of us which goes far beyond the time between when we start and stop our stopwatches.

You’ll see Live the Way You Run, Run Happy in ads, at your favorite running store, in social media and at many of your favorite races.  During this campaign, we invite you to Run Happy with us by celebrating the power running has to change a day, a life and, indeed, the world.

Want to get involved in the celebration? The truth is, you already are. You’re a runner! But take it to the next level by sharing the way running impacts your life online. We’re ready to celebrate!


Anne’s Bio:

Anne Cavassa is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Brooks. For the company’s Live the Way You Run, Run Happy campaign, Anne leads storytelling to bring to life all the ways the run can change a day, a life, and indeed, the world.


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