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Run Happy

My Kokoda Trek 2016

Author: Joe Brooks 

I’ve always been a worrier. Every since primary school when I had my first panic attack I have seen mental health professionals to help me cope with my anxiety and depression. After working hard to help myself through these conditions I wanted to help others by making it easier to talk openly about mental health.

Fast forward to today where I am a Beyond Blue speaker and I share my personal story of mental health issues with others to break stigma and make it easier for people to talk openly and honestly about their mental health.  Speaking to people wasn’t enough though, I needed to get my hands dirty and raise much needed funds for beyond blue.

I was motivated to help by reading Kurt Fernley’s autobiography ‘Pushing The Limits” he is a world champion wheel chair marathoner that crawled Kokoda to raise money for Beyond Blue. He inspired me to make a difference and a few weeks after finishing the book, I got an email from Beyond Blue saying they were looking for people to walk Kokoda to raise money. It’s the closest thing to fate that has happened to me.

My training for Kokoda has mainly been around getting myself cardio fit combined with lots of leg strength work. I have been running to work when possible and also doing my AFL pre season. I wear the Brooks Transcend for my running. It’s a solid stable shoe for to help me bash the pavement. I wear the Adrenaline ASR for some of the off-road walking I have been doing and also find the trail shoe great for the pre season football training.

Anyway Mt Wellington is calling my name, must run now to get some km’s in the legs before the big trek.

Remember; Run Happy!

Brooks is proud to partner up with Joe as he takes on Kokoda and raises money for Beyond Blue. If you would like to learn more about Joe’s journey please visit: 


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