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The PureProject 4 Line Is Here!

Brooks’ PureProject line-up is where we get to create something that celebrates the simple purity of a great run; a shoe that lets you get lost in the moment and not tied up by how your feet feel. Our fourth edition is no exception in bringing you this experience, with the PureConnect 4,  PureFlow 4, and PureCadence 4 bringing an exciting addition to 2015.

Each shoe in the PureProject 4 range is cleanly designed, functionally simple but effective, and the perfect blend of lightweight materials and necessary support. While they each vary, you can expect the same key technology between each design, including a Nav Band, Anatomical Last, Toe Flex, Rounded heel, and BioMoGo DNA.

PureConnect 4 PureConnect 4

  • The PureConnect 4 connects with your foot at another level, matching the shape of your foot perfectly
  • Equipped with the most dynamic Nav Band ever seen, your arch is perfectly supported in a dynamic way as your foot moves through each stride
  • The Brooks team has perfected the amount of overlays needed to ensure your foot is able to breathe and that weight isn’t even close to being an issue

PureFlow 4PureFlow 4

  • Talk about a triple threat; the PureFlow 4 is super lightweight without discounting on being both soft and cushioned for superb comfort
  • The arch of your foot finds perfect support with the help of the Nav Band, moving with you as you run to create a dynamic and adaptable fit
  • Designed with a thin upper made of ultra-soft mesh, meaning your foot has plenty of space to breathe

PureCadence 4

  • The PPureCadence 4ureCadence 4 is the most structurally supported of the PureProject range, with a lightweight and fully supported ride to keep pushing you through each stride
  • Softness, comfort, and breathability are married perfectly through the use of our ultra-soft mesh upper
  • A secure Nav Band makes sure your arch and other key areas of the foot have plenty of support as you run


Get lost in the pure simplicity of every run with a pair of running shoes from Brooks’ PureProject 4 range. Check out our PureConnect 4,  PureFlow 4, or PureCadence 4 shoes today.


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