Oct | 14
Running Tips

Get back into Running!

Tips from Melissa Vandewater, Run Coach for Running Fit Coaching.

You’ve decided this Spring to get fit with some running. What’s next?

The best way to start running or return after a break is by:

  • A graduated run walk program.  This might take the form of 30 secs running/1 min walking repeated 6-8 times.  Commence with a 5-10min walk.  The time running can be increased gradually or started at 3-5mins on, if you have previously built up your running. RunningTips1
  • Write down the days you can run and put this in a spot where you can see it. You are more likely to stick to plan when it is written down.
  • Ask a friend/s to join you.   It goes quicker when you have company and accountability to each other.  Or better still, join a group with coaching.  Be sure to check that they cater for your level of running.
  • Whilst running: Focus on being tall, relaxed shoulders and breathing deeply to open up chest/stomach.
  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.  Cotton tends to soak up sweat, rather than taking away from the body.
  • Running shoes are important! Invest in a pair of good running shoes, not cross trainers or old pair from 3 years ago! Poor footwear can certainly contribute to niggles/injuries.
  • Keep strong: cross training and strength/pilates/yoga are all good to complement you running this Spring/Summer.




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