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Pure Project

Are you a Floater or a Feeler?

Are you a Floater or a Feeler? And I’m not talking about what you think I am!

Float in running terms is what you already know – your trusty go-to-shoe (such as our beloved Adrenaline GTS, Glycerin, Trance or one of the many other models in our core range). You simply put them on, tune out and glide above the road.

Feel on the other hand is the new kid on the block  it’s sleek, lightweight and flexible. Feel allows you to connect to the ground and get in touch with your surroundings. Feel is what our new PureProject™ Collection offers you. It introduces a unique way to experience the run by promoting a natural stride in an incredibly lightweight shoe.

And whilst different, Float and Feel are the best of friends. Together we believe they offer you, the runner, more choice to find the perfect shoe for you.

Like all of our shoes a lot of research has gone into the new PureProject™ Collection, knowing that simply removing parts of the shoe would result in poor performance. We took a proactive approach to biomechanical needs by developing five innovative technologies that engage the foot naturally, and with significantly fewer parts than the standard shoe. Breathable fabrics, radically flexible materials, and an extremely low profile complete the package.

You can check out the shoes and the 5 technologies on the video below –

It’s what we call the Feel More with Less Experience.

We are excited to be launching this revolutionary product at an exclusive release at selected The Athlete’s Foot Stores in Australia on the 1st October 2011. Nationwide distribution of the Pure Project range will be available across all The Athlete’s Foot stores from February 2012.
We would love to hear your feedback, so please leave your comments below.

Run Happy,
Raj Jain
Brooks Australia General Manager

  1. MIchele Berkhout

    I bought my first pair of Brooks shoes yesterday because after a broke my foot some ten years ago, a severe bunion has formed and over the last few days I have been unable to walk, let alone run because of shocking foot and knee pains. A lovely person – Josh – fitted me with a pair of Adrenaline GTS 11 shoes and they are fantastic. I wept with relief and the growing feeling of well being that replaced the agony. My foot has been so well supported that the pains have gone, I am walking so very much better and I am going to go shortly for my first run in days. I am really excited. And the shoes almost came to bed with me too! Thanks to Brooks and Josh at Athlete’s Foot.

  2. Wal Hick

    Bought my first pair of Brooks GTS runners on Christmas Eve and rann for the first time today , as an old hack I can assure you the old joints were so apreciative of the magic cushion heel as we pounded the bitumen.
    Realy great.


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