Watch 113th Boston Marathon Live Now!

Watch Brian Sell and five of his team members from the Hanson-Brooks Distance Project run the Boston Marathon now! See live national coverage streaming live on Universal Sports. Note: Use MSIE on PC or Safari on Mac OS X–Firefox is not happening. Go Brian! Go Hansons!

New Year and New Marathon Goals

For 2017 I’ve decided to try something new, something pretty big. A new year calls for a new marathon goal. I’ll be running twelve marathons this coming year, one each month and will be blogging and posting as they happen. There have been so many different thoughts swirling around in my head lately and I… Read more »

England, New England. We Compare the Marathons.

It’s April and with two big marathons taking place this month, we can’t help but be excited. One race in England and one race in New England. It got us thinking, how do these races and places differ? Let’s see the breakdown: London Favourite Word: Knackered (verb: exhausted) The Course: A nice, flat and fast course is great… Read more »