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The New Glycerin 12: Cushioning that Goes Above and Beyond

Calling all cushion-lovers and the neutral-footed! Are you seeking plush comfort and a form-fitting upper? Are you craving the Float experience? Look no further than the brand new Glycerin 12!

The Glycerin 12 goes above and beyond the standards of comfort to deliver over-the-top cushion by adapting some of the key technologies first introduced in the Transcend earlier this year. We completely re-imagined the Glycerin 12 so that it now includes fresh technologies that maximize plushness and smartly tune the shoe to a runner’s every step.

Some of the amazing updates to take note of are:

- A specially designed upper, using revolutionary 3D Fit Print technology, delivers a wrapped fit that conforms to the individuals foot.

- A new Ideal Pressure Zone construction underfoot distributes pressure evenly from heel to forefoot to maximize shock absorption and create an incredibly smooth transition.

- The Rounded Heel keeps the body in its optimal alignment by promoting a more efficient foot strike.

- And, as the second shoe in Brooks’ line-up to feature Super DNA, the Glycerin 12 offers a cushioned ride that adapts instantaneously to the runner’s stride.

While these features keep you running happy, check out how awesome the all new Glycerin 12 looks!

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The shoe is available now in stores and online at brooksrunning.com. Try it out, and Run Happy today.

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I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.
  • Drake

    I love your shoes… some of the best I’ve ever worn in fact. But how about going back to offering some more subdued, basic color schemes (you know, like plain black?)

    I can’t stand the “fashion” trend of gaudy neon/rainbow shoes, and I certainly can’t wear them to work… my running shoes need to be dual purpose, and I don’t intend to color coordinate an “outfit” with them so I look good on a treadmill at the gym.

    How about throwing the real runners a bone and stop trying to be so trendy with the hideous colors.


  • SaraDorn

    Is the glycerin 12 similar to the glycerin 10? I loved the 10 but not the 11.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Sara,

      While still offering a plush, cushioned ride like the previous
      models, the SuperDNA midsole along with some other key changes really set the
      Glycerin 12 apart from the previous models. It could be your new favorite!

      We hope you check it out at your local running store!: http://brks.co/brooksdealers

      Run Happy!

  • Dan

    Plain black running shoes are definitely the most hideous option possible. Keep the colors coming, Brooks!

    • Gail


    • Christopher Williams

      I Second this. No plain black please. The colors are awesome!

  • Chris

    2nd the request for more basic colors.

    Tacky colors may be hip atm, but shoes like these look like they belong on the feet of a five year old child, or on a clown in the circus. Yuck

  • newruner

    How about the toe box? I love the big area for my toes in the 11′s. Did you keep this with the 12?

  • DRH

    What are the release dates for the future colors? The 3 posts here are nice especially the orange color, but I would imagine that you will release a couple more brighter color combinations.

    • brooksblog

      The Glycerin 12 is available in three colors each for men and women; we’ll have new colors coming this winter. See more at http://brks.co/glycerin12.