Jul | 31
Behind the Laces

Brooks Proposes Radical Shift in the Running Shoe Paradigm

Introducing Stride Signature – An Individual’s Unique Running Form Defined by the Body’s Habitual Motion Path

stride signature white paper, brooks research running form, what is stride signature, brooks paper on stride signatureAt Brooks we strive to create the perfect ride for every stride. As we look to the future, we are focused on improving the complex interaction between the runner and the shoe by widening the lens of our understanding of runner biomechanics.

Four years of prospective research studies on hundreds of runners and work with some of our key specialty retail partners has led us to an exciting breakthrough.  A breakthrough that will take us into the next era of how we assess runners and design footwear.

Today we are excited to share the first iteration of research that we believe steers us on a path to shift the current running shoe paradigm further in favor of the runner. We are calling this multi-layered concept Stride Signature. The goal of Stride Signature is to create a new holistic approach to designing and fitting running shoes that starts with the runner to optimize efficiency, reduce injury, and enhance comfort.

We invite you to read The Stride Signature white paper, where we will introduce a radical shift in thinking that will set Brooks on an exciting new trajectory in footwear design for years to come.

  • http://www.runmomrun.us/ Amy @ Run Mom Run

    Awesome! As a forefoot striker I am in the (growing) minority of runners and I use running shoes very differently than a heel striker would. I am VERY excited to see what’s coming next! Although it’s hard to imagine that I could love Brooks shoes even more!

  • Adam

    I just can’t wait to see the shoe concept design. I have tried dozens of shoes from different brands, and none of them really seem to be the “Perfect ride.” I’m looking forward to seeing shoes that are semi-custom made/fit.

  • Dave

    Encourage runners to not work on technique while relying on footwear to prevent injury. What exactly is the “paradigm shift” here? Sounds like business as usual.

    • PennyLane21

      Just buy the shoe Dave – don’t ask questions or think about technique, just buy the shoe.

  • Jesica D’Avanza

    I’m really looking forward to learning more about this! Exciting.

  • Jim

    I noticed that Roadrunner sports stores have removed the Brooks line of shoes from their website. Is Brooks changing their line or shoes.

  • Guest